Famous Political Names 

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Surely one of the most pivotal individuals of the mid-twentieth century,Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill left a detailed and bequest-laden 12 page will plus 2 short codicils. To this we have added the British equivalentof the Petition for Probate. 
Dwight Eisenhower served as the 34th President of the United States (1953-61). Many controversies still surround his military and political careers, but observers agree that "Ike" was among the most beloved popular heroes of his time. We offer his detailed 11 page will plus two page codicil. Also included are 16 pages of inventory and evaluation of his estate, including the Petition for Probate. 
Another customer request fueled the search for the First Lady's file. Mrs.Eisenhower left a nine page will to which we add the 3 page Petition for Probate. 
Hoover was the 31st President of the United States when during his first year in office the Wall Street crash of 1929 occurred. He was blamed for the resulting collapse of the economy, and his unpopular policies brought an end to a brilliant career in public office. We offer a conformed copy of his 6 page will, which does not contain a signature, and a 2 page Order Fixing Tax, showing the value of his estate. 
LYNDON B. JOHNSON     $10.00
Thirty-sixth President, and a major force in Democratic Party politics during his 30+ years in public service. We offer a 10 page text version of his last will and testament, and an example of his signature.
EDWARD M. KENNEDY     $15.00
Kennedy, the last surviving son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, and younger brother to Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, represented the State of Massachusetts in the US Senate for nearly 47 years. This 15 page file includes Teddy’s 5 page will, the Notice of Petition for Probate of Will, Proof of Publication, a Motion to Impound documents pertaining to the estate, the court docket, and finally, the death certificate.   NEW FILE
JOHN F. KENNEDY     $15.00
There are those who actually believe that JFK left no will, but this is not the case. We offer Kennedy's 17 page will (witnessed by his life-long secretary Evelyn Lincoln as well as his biographer, Theodore Sorensen), to which we have added the Texas State death certificate, which states that an autopsy was performed in Dallas, contrary to fact. Also included is a copy of the receipt from the Texas Coffin Company for the solid bronze casket that held Kennedy's body on the trip back to Washington DC, the ten page Bethesda autopsy report, as well as death certificates for Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby. The wills of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Joseph P. Kennedy can be found in our Famous Names catalogue
ROBERT F. KENNEDY     $15.00
Another unique find is RFK's last will and testament, which totals 18 pages.To the will we have added 10 pages of financial information pertainingto Kennedy's estate as well as the California death certificate. A great file, very informative. Senator Kennedy's autopsy file appears elsewhere in our catalogues, under Odds & Ends 
RICHARD NIXON     $15.00
Whether you remember Mr. Nixon as a crook, a diplomatic genius or something in between, you will certainly find his twenty-page will (with certification) to be an interesting document, mentioning his diaries, his legal victory in Nixon v. the United States in the D.C. Court of Appeals in 1992, and much more. 
Everyone's favorite First Lady whose death truly saddened an entire nation. JKO's very detailed will is 36 pages, plus the 2 page notary. Interesting bequests, including one giving her copy of JFK's inaugural address (and signed by Robert Frost, no less) to Alexander Folger. 
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States (1933-45), led the nation through most of its participation in the global struggle of World War II. His fascinating 20 page will is very detailed, and we add 6 pages describing and valuing his bequests, plus the 5 page Petition for Probate. 
HARRY S TRUMAN     $15.00
The 33rd President of the United States (1945-53), Harry S Truman (the"S" does not stand for any name) shaped American politics and diplomacy for a generation. Included in this file are his highly detailed 22 page will, two codicils, and several pages of probate information.