World-Famous Personalities
George Orwell thru Henny Youngman
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GEORGE ORWELL     $10.00
Orwell, the author of ANIMAL FARM and the frighteningly futuristic 1984, died in 1950 and left behind a 4 page will with plenty of mentions pertaining to his literary legacy. To this we add the single page English Register of Probate.
Journalist and short-story writer, She became drama critic of Vanity Fair (1917--20), and was at her most trenchant in book reviews and stories in the early issues of The New Yorker , a magazine whose character she did much to form. Included are her 1965 will, leaving all her assets to one Martin Luther King, and making her friend, novelist Lillian Hellman, the Executrix of her estate.
ROSA PARKS     $20.00
Rosa Parks' name is without question synonymous with the African-American fight for equality and bringing and end to racial segregation. This 40-page file includes her questionable 2003 will which was later thrown out in favor of a 1998 will that was not filed with this Court, causing the Court to move her from a testate to an intestate status; there is also mention of her 1998 Trust. The balance of the file includes filings, the Judge's hand-written notes, and a copy of the docket showing all filings and actions through April 2006.
Beatrix Potter was an artist, storyteller, conservationist, and the world-famous author of THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT, and a multitude of other children’s stories. Her three page will is simple but laden with bequests and instructions as to how her estate, grounds, and livestock were to be handled after her death. Single page British Probate Registry showing the value of her estate also included. 
WILHELM REICH     $10.00
Reich was perhaps the boldest figure in the history of modern psychiatry, his most controversial psychiatric concept was that of orgiastic potency--the full surrender of the organism to the emotions of love and the sensations of pleasure during the sexual embrace. We offer a text version of his fascinating 5 page will. 
JOAN RIVERS     $15.00
Joan Alexandra Molinsky (though you probably knew her as JOAN RIVERS) was an actress, comedian, writer, producer, and television host remembered for her often controversial comedic persona—where she was alternately self-deprecating or sharply acerbic, especially toward celebrities and politicians. Joan was truly one-of-a-kind. Her 2011 will (signed as Joan Rosenberg, widow of Edgar Rosenberg) is 16 pages. NEW FILE
Robbins, the acclaimed author of THE CARPETBAGGERS, THE BETSY, and THE ADVENTURERS, among others. Nine page will, a claim by Robbins first wife, as well as the First and Final Accounting of the estate. 
Easily one of America's favorite artists, Rockwell left behind a detailed 13 page will, as well as 3 pages of codicils. Add to this the 3 page Petition for Probate plus a 4 page inventory and appraisement of his estate, and you have an excellent package. 
ANDY ROONEY     $15.00
Love him or hate him, Andy Rooney undeniably became a bit of broadcast Americana. He was most notable for his weekly broadcast "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," a part of the CBS News program 60 Minutes from 1978 to 2011. This 25-page file includes his last will and testament, several probate documents (several placing a value on his sizable estate) as well as his death certificate. 
DAMON RUNYON     $15.00
Writer and journalist, his famous collection, GUYS AND DOLLS (1931), was the basis of the successful musical (1950) and film (1955). Included in this package are Runyon's 7-page will, drafted in 1945, plus a fascinating 19-page guardian's report of the monies accumulated by the estate over the years since his death.
Without question, one of baseball's most lasting and imposing figures. What we present is the text of The Babe's Last Will and Testament, as the original document would appear to have been "dispatched" from the New York Surrogate Court some time ago....Gotta watch those collectors. The 1948 will is 6 pages in length. 
A religious icon in Los Angeles in the 30's, until she caved to her own carnal desires, and disappearing for some time with her lover. She was thought to have drowned until she "miraculously" reappeared one day. Quite the scandal! Forty plus pages, including her simple two-page will.
DR. SEUSS     $15.00
Dr. Seuss (real name Theodor Seuss Geisel, "Seuss" actually rhyming with "voice," not "loose") never had any children of his own, commenting “you keep having kids, I'll keep writing books for them.” This 23 page file includes his will, Petition for Probate (with will annexed), a brief outline of the value of his estate, and his death certificate. “Fun Fact”: Seuss wrote his verse in anapestic tetrameter. 
Besides writing some of the finest plays of the 20th century, George Bernard Shaw, or GBS as he came to be known, was one of the most influential music and drama critics of his time, a superb essayist, and a penetrating analyst o virtually every important aspect of Western culture. His beautifully handwritten will is 14 exquisite pages long, and we add the British Grant for Probate.
In January 1947, 22 year-old Elizabeth Short's naked body was discovered in a vacant lot near in downtown Los Angeles by a mother and her young child. The body had been surgically bisected (severed in half at the waist), drained of blood then washed, horribly mutilated, and posed. According the Los Angeles County Coroner, Short's original autopsy report disappeared years ago, possibly part of the suspected police department cover-up. We have, however, been able to unearth a copy of the 17-page Coroner's Inquest, held five days after her death. Short's death certificate is also included.  AN EXCELLENT FILE
DON SIMPSON     $15.00
Don Simpson teamed with Jerry Bruckheimer to produce several of the top grossing films (FLASHDANCE, TOP GUN, BEVERLY HILLS COP, THE ROCK) of the 80’s & 90’s. Oddly enough, Simpson died without leaving a will, but did leave a sizable estate, as detailed in this 37 page file. Included is an interesting claim against Simpson’s estate for $53 million by the father of his personal physician, Dr. Stephen W. Ammerman, who was found dead from a multiple drug overdose in the pool house on Mr. Simpson's estate.
It took a guy like Fred Goldman to get Brown-Simpson's whole estate unsealed. Nine page cookie cutter will, plus 55 fascinating pages of petitions, Inventories, Receipts for bequests from the estate, and more. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this probate file, sealed by the courts from day one, had finally been made public.
Not even Hollywood could dream up a story as weird, sad, riveting, and tragic as what was presented to the would through the life of Vickie Lynn Hogan, now known to all of us as Anna Nicole Smith. In this 38-page file, we offer Smith's hotly-debated 16-page last will and testament, as well as the Petition for Probate, Howard K. Stern's Waiver of Compensation, a Declaration of Urgency, as well as several lesser documents. We have also included Larry Birkhead's 9-page Petition to be named the guardian of the estate (possibly worth $400 million) of Danielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, the daughter that he fathered with Anna Nicole. This is, without question, our favorite new file... You can also find the complete autopsy and coroner's investigative report for Anna Nicole Smith elsewhere in our catalogues.
Robert Smith was the real name behind what became one of the most famous radio personalities in the history of broadcasting. True to the magic which radio offers, Smith was able to reach within himself and pull out the Wolfman. And, once he did, the Wolfman never wanted to go back inside. Included are his one-page hand-written will (with his signature looking more like an autograph) plus 10 additional pages showing the value of his estate, as well as claims for funeral expense. One of our favorite new additions. 
SUSAN SONTAG     $15.00
The controversial philosopher, essayist, novelist, movie director and playwright was often considered too snobbish by many of her critics. The 24-page file we offer includes Sontag's 15 page will, Petition for probate, a Affidavit of Heirship, and her death certificate.
Spelling was a force to be reckoned with, holding the record as the world's most prolific television producer, with 218 producer and executive producer credits under his belt. This 40-page file includes Spelling's incredibly detailed 17-page will, plus the Petition for Probate, and Declarations pertaining to the appointment of a Special Administrator to deal with a sizable on-going civil suit begun before his death. Death certificate also included
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the GRAPES OF WRATH, CANNERY ROW, OF MICE AND MEN and EAST OF EDEN, among others. Steinbeck's 1968 will is 10 pages and contains many generous bequests, to which we have added 2 pages of tax documents showing the value of his estate.
During his 37-year ownership of the New York Yankees, his team delivered 7 World Series titles, plus 11 pennants. Loved or hated, Steinbrenner was always respected as the boss. This highly detailed will is 18 pages (in part stating that his executor was not to lay his hands on his beloved Yankees...), plus a 6 page codicil. 
PAYNE STEWART     $15.00
Two-time U.S. Open champion Payne Stewart died when the Learjet in which he was a passenger lost contact with air traffic controllers and drifted on auto-pilot for hours before eventually running out of gas and crashing in an uninhabited area of South Dakota. Stewart's will and two codicils total 40 pages, and are extraordinarily detailed, outlining several family trusts. 
BRAM STOKER     $5.00
A great find, though only 3 pages, including the British Certificate of Probate. This is the text of Stoker's original 1912 will, pulled from the British Probate Registry, but unfortunately does not include Stoker's signature.  Stoker's death certificate is also included. 
LEE STRASBURG     $15.00
Ever wonder what became of the bulk of Marilyn Monroe's estate? Looking through Strasburg's 12 page will should answer most of your questions. Additionally, we offer a 4 page inventory of his MM memorabilia, a 3 page amendment to the inventory, a single page evaluation of his estate, and lastly, a copy of a handwritten letter from MM to the Strasburg's, drafted while she was in the Payne-Whitney Psychiatric Clinic. A must for Monroe fans! 
Stratten was a Playboy centerfold and the subject of Bob Fosse's STAR 80. She died of gun shot wounds at the hands of her estranged husband, before he turned the gun on himself. Though she died intestate, this is a very intriguing file (23 total pages) including a claim by her husband's estate, declarations, petitions, objections, inventories, and finally, death certificates for both parties. Stratten's autopsy  report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues 
ED SULLIVAN     $15.00
What can you say about the one guy who Americans spent their Sunday evenings with more than any other? Sullivan left a 19 page will chock full of bequests and instructions to his survivors. 
The NBC programming wunderkind was responsible for all the great shows that made it to air during the 80's and into the 90's. His extremely complex will and 4 codicils total 30 pages, to which we add the Petition for Probate as well as the Letters of Probate granted to his wife as executrix.
J.R.R. TOLKEIN     $10.00
John Ronald Reuel Tolkein was the British linguist-scholar and author of the staggeringly successful LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, making him a 60's icon. His 1973 will is 4 pages, to which we add the British Grant for Probate. 
MARK TWAIN     $15.00
Long on our request list, we are most pleased to offer Mark Twain's (the will is in the name of Samuel Clemens, Twain's given name) 8 page last will and testament from 1909. A wonderful find and superb conversation piece. 
ANDY WARHOL     $15.00
Possibly the most celebrated pop artist of our time, Warhol died in 1987 and left an 9 page will with plenty of references to his art and the art community in general. Included are a 5 page petition by Warhol's friend (who also saved his life in a 1969 assassination attempt) and a copy of the death certificate. 
H.G. WELLS     $10.00
The English writer Herbert George Wells, was one of the world's most prominent literary personalities in the era between 1895 and 1920. With Jules Verne, he was the inventor of science fiction. His will (dated 1945) is 3 handwritten pages, to which we add the British Grant for Probate. 
JAMES WHALE     $15.00
Whale made his monumental contribution to the horror film genre directing such classics as FRANKENSTEIN, THE INVISIBLE MAN,  and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. As horror movies lost favor, he retreated to a more private and hedonistic life, finally committing suicide by drowning in his pool in 1957. We offer his 7 page will (loaded with bequests), the 2 page codicil, 4 page Inventory and Appraisement (very detailed), the Petition for Probate, and 14 pages of creditor's claims and petitions pertaining to funeral costs, his Trust, and psychiatric treatment. Death certificate included. 
TED WILLIAMS     $20.00
The Baseball Hall of Famer has caused as much stir in death as he did in during his illustrious career. This great 36 page file includes Williams' last will & testament (specifying his desire to be cremated) as well as a copy of the hand written note signed by he and two of his children in which they all agree to be cryonically frozen in hopes of meeting up in the future. Also included are several petitions, notices, and motions by Williams' surviving children. An amazing file!
The Pulitzer Prize winning playwright (CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE) left what we consider to be a great 11 page will plus a 2 page codicil outlining his last wishes, especially those pertaining to his literary works. 
The British novelist, noted for her impressionistic style and her part in the development of the stream-of-consciousness technique. After suffering mental illness, she committed suicide in 1941. Her 1930 will is a single page including a beautiful signature, to which we add the single page British Grant for Probate. 
The King of the one liners, Youngman entertained us for 70 years with his classic rapid-fire jokes, often telling 10 one-liners in a minute. His last will and testament is a simple 4 pages, to which we add the 5 page Petition for Probate, plus his death certificate.