World-Famous Personalities
Albert Einstein thru Jackie Onassis
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Another fabulous find, and one we're very proud of. The brilliant physicist left behind a very different, very enlightening 9 page will, to which we have added an additional 18 pages of petitions, affidavits, and other information you may find interesting. Death certificate also included. 
T.S. ELIOT     $5.00
The English poet and playwright (THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED PRUFROCK) was actually born and raised in the United States. His 1964 will is 3 pages, plus the British Grant for Probate, which is also included.
MAX FACTOR     $15.00
In the 1930's and 40's, back in what would have to be considered the glory days of Hollywood, the world of movie make-up was dominated by none other than Max Factor. A pioneer in the field of movie make-up, Factor invented the first make-up used in a motion picture , and went on to become the inventor of lip gloss, pancake make-up and false eyelashes. This information-packed 32-page file includes Factor's 16 page will, plus an additional 16 pages that outline the value of his estate.
CHRIS FARLEY     $10.00
Born Christopher Crosby Farley, the SNL big fella wanted to follow in his idol John Belushi's footsteps, and unfortunately got his wish. Farley died without leaving a will, but with an estate valued at $5 million based on these court documents. In this small but informative file we offer 8 pages which includes a petition, affidavit, court order, and waiver. 
This one took a lot of digging but we finally found the writer's 1941 will which consists of 7 phenomenal pages, including his hand-written change to the will requesting the cheapest funeral possible. Fitzgerald's 1940 death certificate is also included. 
IAN FLEMING     $15.00
Fleming, the British author who gave us the seemingly never-ending series of JAMES BOND spy novels (favorites of John F. Kennedy) left behind a 4-page will plus three codicils. The British Grant for Probate is also included. 
The legendary cartoon director and producer worked for Disney, but made it big with LOONEY TUNES at Warner Bros., winning a couple of Oscars along the way. Mr. Freleng's will is 8 pages, to which we add the 2 page Petition for Probate, the Order for Probate and The Letters Testamentary. Most interesting is a 7 page Receipt On Distribution, spelling out the items of his estate, and their values. 
SIGMUND FREUD     $15.00
Freud's most important influence was to inspire modern psychiatry by his examination of mental illness, and one of his greatest success, to put sexuality on the scientific agenda. His 1938 will is 8 pages to which we add the British Grant for Probate. 
From its mid-1950s inception under the direction of founder and publisher William M. Gaines, MAD MAGAZINE delighted innumerable preteens with pointed satire that speared the hypocrisies and excesses of American life. Gaines' wonderful 20 page will is loaded with page after page of interesting bequests to his wife, children, and even his ex-wife. 
JIM GARRISON     $10.00
Garrison is, to date, the only one to hold a trial in relation to the murder of  John F. Kennedy. Thus, on the 40th anniversary of that momentous killing we thought it would be fitting to add documents pertaining to the late New Orleans DA. This 13 page file includes Garrison's will (drafted one year before his death, and with a very telling signature), Petition for Probate, an inventory of his estate, and an interesting history of succession regarding his children and wives, and how they all fit together as beneficiaries to his estate.
One of the foremost poets of the "beat' movement, Ginsberg studied at Columbia University, where he became friendly with Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and others of the movement. This well-rounded file includes his 5 page will, 2 page codicil, 12 page Trust Agreement, 3 page amendment to the Trust , 13 pages of petitions and decrees, and a copy of Ginsberg's death certificate. 
Because she survived him by several hours, Brynn Hartman is shown on her death certificate (also included in this package) as being Phil Hartman's widow. Her will, like her husband's, is fifty pages, and includes the Petition for Probate. PHIL HARTMAN's will can be found elsewhere in our catalogue. 
Ever wonder who actually owned the Empire State Building? Helmsley was the self-made billionaire whose multitude of business successes were overshadowed in recent years by his wife Leona, infamously known as "The Queen of Mean." Helmsley left a vast and multi-faceted fortune as outlined in this very detailed 18 page document.
J. EDGAR HOOVER     $20.00
Simply put, J. Edgar Hoover was one of the most powerful men in America, some say even more powerful then the presidents he served. It’s also more or less common knowledge that he was a transvestite, usually in a red dress, and preferring to be called Mary. This 40+ page file is a trove of information, and includes Hoover's will, several documents and receipts signed by Clyde Tolson, the executor of the estate (and allegedly Hoover's long-time lover), a receipt for the funeral expenses Tolson paid, a full accounting and inventory of the entire estate, and finally, the death certificate.
HARRY HOUDINI     $10.00
It was a tough decision to add Houdini's will to this catalogue. This is a 13 -page conformed copy of the magician's original will which appears to have disappeared years ago. The copy quality isn't great, but those with an interest in Houdini's plans for the afterlife will certainly find the will interesting. Death Certificate also included. 
L. RON HUBBARD     $15.00
We loved Hubbard's brand of sci-fi writing, and still have piles of old pulp magazines around to prove it. What to make of him in his later years, after writing DIANETICS, THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH and founding the Church of Scientology, that's a whole different story. Hubbard was steadfastly opposed to the possibility of his body being autopsied (a copy of his Certificate of Religious Belief stating just that is included in this file), so this is the 17-page San Luis Obispo (CA) Sheriff and Coroner's report, sans autopsy. Lots of interesting stuff in this file, which includes Hubbard's death certificate.
HOWARD HUGHES     $15.00
Included in this 23 page file (from the vault at the LA County Superior Court Archives) is a handwritten 3 page will, purportedly signed by the mysterious Mr. Hughes. Additionally, we include the Petition for Probate, affidavits concerning heirship and Petitions for Special Letters of Administration. Lastly, there is a special Petition of Noah Dietrich (Hughes right-hand man for 32 years) for Special Letters of Administration.
RICHARD JENI     $15.00
Born Richard John Colangelo, the comedian was a frequent visitor on THE TONIGHT SHOW and was ranked 57th on Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest stand-ups of all time; we're not all that surprised that he was actually on the CC panel that gave him this ranking. We offer his probate file consisting of 34 pages, which includes the 8-page last will and testament. The Los Angeles County Coroner's report on Jeni's suicide can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings was a Canadian high school dropout who, by the end of his life, was one of the most respected television news journalists in the United States. Jennings' last will and testament is ten pages in length, to which we add the six page Petition for Probate.
FLORENCE "FloJo" JOYNER     $15.00
During the 1988 Olympics the world watched as FloJo won three gold medals and the hearts of millions. Those same fans were shocked when FloJo died very suddenly at the young age of 38 from (of all things) a heart seizure. Cut to September of 1999: FloJo's relatives (including her mother) swear that she left a will. One of those same relatives stated that she was even a witness to the signing. The problem is, Ms. Joyner's husband Al states that he has not been able to locate said will. Cue the fireworks! We offer 36 pages of Petitions, Pleadings, statements, demands, finger pointing and plenty of he-said she-said. This is a great file, and one we consider a work in process! 
JOHN F. KENNEDY, JR.   $20.00
Still another in the tragic string of deaths within the ill-fated Kennedy clan. We offer Kennedy's 5 page will, drafted in 1997 after his high-profile wedding to Carolyn Bessette. Also included in this informative new 34 page file are the Affidavit Proving A Correct Copy of the Will Filed for Probate, the Notice of, Petition for, and Order for Probate, Affidavit of Kinship, and the Waiver of Consent (signed by Carolyn Kennedy). Also included is the death certificate. Also included in this file is the NTSB Preliminary Accident Report pertaining to Kennedy's crash. You can find the wills of John F. Kennedy Sr., Jacqueline Kennedy  Onassis, and Robert F. Kennedy elsewhere in our catalogues.
JOSEPH P. KENNEDY     $15.00
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, the father of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy, is where it all began. This 21-page file includes the patriarch’s last will and testament and codicil thereto, the Petition for Probate, Letters Testamentary, the Oath of Personal Representative (signed by Ted Kennedy, as executor) an IRS Estate Tax Statement, and the receipt, signed by Rose Kennedy, for her $500K legacy under the will.
A literary giant in his own time, although the value of his works is now a source of considerable critical debate, Kipling was the author of The Jungle Book(s), among many others. We offer his 6 page will, drafted in 1936, to which we add the British Certificate of Probate.
EVEL KNIEVEL     $15.00
It’s not so much the detailed 6-page will that daredevil Knievel left behind, but more the $64 million claim (based on an unpaid 1981 judgment) against the meager estate that caught our attention. The 26-page file also includes Evel’s death certificate.
LOUIS L'AMOUR     $15.00
L'Amour had written over a hundred novels, short stories and various other works, the majority being western tales. This 23 page file includes his last will and testament, the published notice of death and intent to probate his estate,  petitions by his wife (the executrix of the estate) pertaining to the L'Amour Trust and the multitude of copyrights held by it. Also included are the Petition and Order for probate, as well as the death certificate. 
WALTER LANTZ     $10.00
Lantz took over Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1928, and remained with Universal Pictures (where he created his popular character Woody Woodpecker) for over 50 years. We offer his 7 page will, the 2 page Petition for Probate, the Order For Probate, and Letters of Probate plus a 3 page Inventory and Appraisement. 
Elmore Leonard  was, in our opinion, an amazing novelist and screenwriter. His earliest novels, published in the 1950s, were westerns, but Leonard went on to specialize in crime fiction and suspense thrillers, which resulted in JACKIE BROWN, OUT OF SIGHT, and our personal fave GET SHORTY. This twenty five page file includes his last will and testament, application for probate, the notice to creditors, and finally, the death certificate.  
NORMAN MAILER     $15.00
The controversial, highly-celebrated post-WWII American writer first gained recognition at age 25 in 1948 for his scathing anti-war novel, THE NAKED AND THE DEAD. Upon his death in 2007 at age 84, Mailer towered above all other American writers of his and subsequent generations, according to his New York Times obituary. In this 18 page file, we include Mailer’s 11 page will, the petition for, and notice of probate, plus the death certificate.
LINDA McCARTNEY     $15.00
Coupling photography with her love of rhythm and blues, McCartney specialized in capturing the character of the new musicians, the Beatles included, subsequently meeting her husband, Paul. Linda McCartney's will (filed in the US, but apparently not in the UK) is 19 pages and deals primarily with trusts and copyrights. Also included are 3 petitions to seal certain court records, filed by her brother, the executor of her estate. 
TIMOTHY McVEIGH     $10.00
Timothy McVeigh, was the American terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Commonly referred to as the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack killed 168 people and injured over 600. Convicted of, and executed for the crime, McVeigh left behind an interesting agreement between himself and the coroner who would handle his remains, requesting a “non invasive” autopsy. You need to read it to believe it… NEW FILE
Murdered in cold blood by their infamous sons Lyle and Erik, both deceased left detailed wills which are combined into this extensive 55-page file. Also included are pages and pages of declarations regarding their estates (valued at a combined $15 million), with entire sections dealing with the "protection and defense" of Lyle and Erik. We also add the Petitions for Probate and Inventory and Appraisements. A truly enlightening file.
Defecting from Russia in 1961, his virtuosity and expressiveness helped him to become one of the 60's greatest male dancers. He lost a 10 year battle with AIDS in 1993. Presented are his 2 page will from 1992, and a seven page petition by his sister to gain control of his sizable estate. 
This is what we consider to be one of our most fascinating wills. This wonderful artist left us a 19 page will, plus 2 5-page codicils. Drafted over a span of 5 years, it's interesting to note the changes that take place in the will, as well as Miss O'Keeffe's signature, as she fell victim to arthritis. 
Everyone's favorite First Lady whose death truly saddened an entire nation. JKO's very detailed will is 36 pages, plus the 2 page notary. Death certificate also included. Interesting bequests, including one giving her copy of JFK's inaugural address (and signed by Robert Frost, no less) to Alexander Folger. JFK's last will and testament can be found in our Political Names catalogue.