Stars of the Musical World
 Freddie Mercury  thru Stevie Wonder
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Mercury, the lead singer of the British megaband QUEEN, died of complications due to AIDS in 1991. Leaving behind an estate valued at $15.5 million going to family and friends, his will is 13 pages in length, to which we add the British Grant for Probate, as well as his death certificate.
KEITH MOON     $15.00
Moon, the wild-man drummer of WHO fame, died intestate (and yet another rock star OD's...) in 1978. We offer 42 fascinating pages from his Los Angeles Superior Court probate file, consisting of inventories and evaluations of his estate, (in both California and the UK) petitions, claims and court orders. 
JIM MORRISON     $15.00
One of our most popular wills . THE DOORS lead singer's 2 page will includes a 4 page declaration by Morrison's widow Pam detailing their life together; also included are 8 pages of claims against the estate by the surviving members of the band. Included are documents from Pamela Morrison's own probate file including an agreement between their parents regarding the on-going distribution of Morrison's 25% proceeds from The Doors. Additionally, there are copies of the French Medical Examiner's report, and the U.S. State Dept.'s "Report of a Death of an American Citizen". 
RICK NELSON     $15.00
This file was considered lost in the LA Superior Court files until one of our researchers was able to uncover it. Nelson left a surprising 3 page will; also included are an order admitting a lost will (6 pages) and David Nelson's Petition for Probate and Letters of Testamentary. 
ROY ORBISON     $15.00
Orbison's 1989 will consists of 8 pages and includes the Petition and Order for Probate. Also included are 2 important claims against the estate, one by Orbison's former music publishers and one by an Atlantic City hotel where he was to have performed. 
BUCK OWENS     $15.00
Owens (along with his band The Buckaroos) had 21 #1 hits on the Billboard country music charts, no small deal. He later went on to co-hosting country’s answer to LAUGH-IN, HEE-HAW, along with Roy Clark. This 30 page file includes Owens last will & testament, the Petition and Order for Probate, Proof of Publication, plus the Notification to Administer Estate, filed by son and nephew as trustees.
Singer, guitarist, songwriter, promoter (the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, a landmark event of the counterculture era and the Summer of Love), and most notably, a founding father of the MAMA’S AND THE PAPAS, John Phillips was a talented and fascinating soul. In this huge, 63 page file, we have it all… His last will and testament, his trust, a sad inventory and appraisal of his estate, petitions for probate, and proof of publication. Due to its size, this file cannot be used with our free documents offer. Our apologies. NEW FILE
COLE PORTER     $15.00
Another challenge by a customer brought us to this wonderfully long (29 pages) and detailed document left to us by the immensely talented writer-composer. Also included are a few pages summarizing the bulk of Porter's sizable estate. This is the attorney's copy of the will, and unfortunately does not bear Porter's signature. 
ELVIS PRESLEY     $15.00
Presley's 13 page will (drafted less than 6 months before his death) makes for very interesting reading. Detailed, includes anatomical drawings from Presley's autopsy. 
BILLY PRESTON     $20.00
Billy Preston was already famous as a session musician with artists including Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and the Beatles, and was later successful in his own right with hit singles including “Will It Go Round in Circles" and "Nothing from Nothing.” In this 50-plus page file we offer his last will and testament, his trust agreement, and the abstract of that trust agreement. Also included are his sisters’ petition for probate (later challenged by the trustee), the trustee’s petition for probate, letters testamentary, and Preston’s death certificate.
DEE DEE RAMONE     $10.00
 Dee Dee Ramone was actually born Douglas Glenn Colvin in Virginia in 1952. Immigrating to Queens, New York, he was the original bassist for The Ramones, the seminal four-piece rock band that was, without question, the foundation of the punk movement in the US. This 15 page file includes his will, the Petition for Probate (valuing his estate at just over $1 million) the Notice of Publication, and the Order for Probate. Side Note: Rumor has it that Dee Dee had an unreal amount of trouble trying to remember his lines for "Rock n' Roll High School," resulting in his part getting pared down to just the word 'Pizza'. Joey Ramone's probate file can be found below
JOEY RAMONE     $10.00
Jeffrey Ross Hyman, better known by his stage name Joey Ramone, was the lead vocalist of the cutting-edge punk rock band THE RAMONES that he founded with friends John Cummings and Douglas Colvin. This file is ten pages, which includes his will and the decree granting probate. Dee Dee Ramone’s last will and testament can be found above. NEW FILE
LOU RAWLS     $15.00
There's a story  that Frank Sinatra once credited Low Rawls as having the "classiest singing and silkiest chops in the singing game." Rawls signed his last will and testament on his deathbed, just one day before he succumbed to brain cancer, superseding a will he had drafted just one year earlier. This 29-page file includes the fifteen-page will, plus several other documents outlining the responsibilities of his widow (and executrix) in administering his sizable estate. 
LOU REED     $20.00
Lou Reed served as guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of the Velvet Underground. After leaving the band in 1970, he had a solo career that spanned several decades, later performing at benefits and contributing his considerable talent to other musician’s work. We offer his hefty 34 page will, 15 pages of various filings, and his death certificate.
TUPAC SHAKUR     $20.00
Tupac Amaru Shakur was born Lesane Parish Crooks, his mother renaming him Tupac a short time after his birth, and grew up primarily on the streets of Oakland, CA. After leaving a Mike Tyson title bout in Las Vegas he was hit by 4 bullets while riding in a car driven by Death Row Records chief executive 'Marion "Suge" Knight', and died 6 days later. We have reduced his massive file (basically one claim and counter claim after another, interspersed with Inventories and Appraisements of his estate, but no will) to 57 pages. An excellent file. 
Shannon, one of the 60's best-known surf-rockers ended his life "with a bullet" in 1993. Included in this fine musician's file are his simple 4 page will to which we add 3 pages of financial information, and 9 pages of copies of the Los Angeles County Superior Court's "Register of Actions" pertaining to Shannon's probated estate. Death certificate included. Del Shannon's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.. 
NINA SIMONE     $15.00
Nina Simone is often referred to as The High Priestess of Soul, but it’s her jazz impressions that we found the most fascinating.  We offer a twenty five page file that consists of her 15 page last will and testament and codicil thereto, plus several pages of probate filing documents.
FRANK SINATRA     $20.00
The Chairman of the Board left a very detailed 21 page will plus a single page codicil. You will read page after page of specific bequests in this fascinating document, to which we add the Petition for Probate, plus a supplemental Petition for Probate, which gives a good thumbnail sketch of Sinatra's wealth, as well as his death certificate. 
Robert Smith was the real name behind what became one of the most famous radio personalities in the history of broadcasting. True to the magic which radio offers, Smith was able to reach within himself and pull out the Wolfman. And, once he did, the Wolfman never wanted to go back inside. Included are his one-page hand-written will (with his signature looking more like an autograph) plus 10 additional pages showing the value of his estate, as well as claims for funeral expense. One of our favorite new additions. 
TINY TIM     $15.00
We can still remember that fateful Monday night in 1968 that Tiny Tim first appeared on ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN, the jaws dropping as he sang his signature "Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips With Me." The world was never quite the same, and was a better place for having him in it. Though he died intestate, we offer 22 pages of petitions, motions, orders, waivers, etc., as well as the death certificate. 
MEL TORME     $20.00
"The Velvet Fog" (a nickname he was not particularly fond of) left his sizable fortune in Trust, so there is no will available to the public. However, what we offer in this great 43 page file is a copy of that Trust (with a very detailed list of assets), petitions and orders pertaining to the trust, as well as Torme's death certificate. 
IKE TURNER    $15.00
The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and none-too gentle half of the famous Ike & Tina Turner duo, who, along with then-wife Tina, turned out some of the most outrageous blues, soul, and rock, performances ever. The 48-page probate file we offer has everything, including his hand-written will, his wife’s rap-sheet (which actually plays a part in the proceedings), petitions, accusations by Ike against his wife, and much more. Turner’s autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
RICHIE VALENS     $15.00
We spent a long time looking for this sequestered file in the Archives of the LA Superior Courts. Valens died intestate in 1959, killed in a plane crash along with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper. Our 26 page package includes the original Petition for Probate, Letters of Administration, a creditor's claim regarding Valens' Gibson guitar, and petitions involving the wrongful death suit brought by the estate (this is particularly interesting). Additionally, there are several pages of funeral info, and extremely enlightening Inventory and Appraisement of Valens' estate, and lastly, a claim against the estate by his manager, the President of Del-Fi Records. Death certificate included.
BARRY WHITE     $15.00
The "Maestro" was ultra big, ultra cool and wholly identifiable by his rich, robust, baritone singing voice. Though White died intestate, the 34 page file we offer includes a fascinating inventory of the estate, a claim of paternity against Barry White (and thus, the estate) motions, several royalty statements from BMI reflecting earnings on much of his music. Death certificate also included.
DENNIS WILSON     $15.00
Wilson was the original drummer and a founding member (along with brothers Carl and Brian) of the BEACH BOYS before his tragic drowning in 1983. Included in this file are the 11 page will, the 3 page Petition for Probate, and 7 enlightening pages of Inventory and Appraisement. Death certificate also included. Wilson's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
"Spoon", the talented (and somewhat underrated, in our opinion) blues and jazz musician died without a will, thus leaving a somewhat tangled estate. This 17 page file includes the Petition For, Order For, and Letters of Probate, which give us a hint as to the value of his estate, plus a few creditors claims against the estate. 
STEVIE WONDER - Civil Suit     $15.00
This 27 page document contains the complaint and counter-complaint centering on Stevie Wonder's purported promise to his wardrobe assistant that he would make her his wife, sharing with her his sizable assets in the process...even though she knew him to have ža reputation as a womanizer and philanderer.  Her complaint goes into such detail about her life with Wonder that very little, if anything, is left to the imagination, while his counter-complaint makes her out to be nothing short of a thieving gold digger. Dare we say, this is a really FUN file. 
ADAM YAUCH     $15.00
Best known as a founding member of the hip hop group Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch was an American rapper, musician, film director, and human rights activist. Sadly, all of this was lost to us when he died at age 47 from cancer. This 20 page file includes MCA’s last will and testament, witness attestation, and several affidavits filed by his attorney in this probate action.