Stars of the Musical World
 Ella Fitzgerald thru Linda McCartney
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One of the most beautiful and fascinating voices that has ever existed on this planet, her signature scat singing being second to none. This new file (another customer request) includes the Petition and Order for Probate, the 25 page will and a 4 page codicil. 
JERRY GARCIA     $15.00 
GRATEFUL DEAD fans wasted no time in requesting this file. Garcia left a somewhat standard (but enlightening) 16 page will, to which we add the3 page Petition for Probate, as well as a copy of the two page death certificate. A must for DEAD fans (no pun intended). Garcia's detailed autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues
JUDY GARLAND     $5.00
Easily one of Hollywood's most talented and tragic personalities, Miss Garland left a 4 page will signed Judy Garland Luft, being married to Sid Luft at the time. Lots of bequests, none of which came to pass as her estate was in the red for years. British death certificate included. 
MARVIN GAYE     $15.00
Marvin Gaye left no will. But from his sequestered file from the Los Angeles Superior Court Archives we have taken 40 pages of petitions, claims (and rejections thereof). Inventories, court orders, accountings, and the death certificate, making this a very complete file. 
PHIL HARRIS     $10.00
40's bandleader, plus a radio, film and TV actor, Harris was a principal of long standing among comedian Jack Benny's radio retinue, parlaying his popularity into his own radio series. His will is 6 simple pages, and to this we add the Order and Letters of Probate, plus a 6 page Waiver of Accounting and finally, a rather sad Inventory and Appraisement of his meager estate. The will of Alice Faye (Harris' wife of many years) can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
Not much of a biographical nature need be said of this talented musician, hands down one of the two most talented that came from the Beatles. His Swiss Will, (but filed in the UK) is 6 pages to which we add the British Probate Registry’s Probate cover sheet as well as the original death certificate. Interesting side note: a controversy arose in the days after Harrison's death, when it was revealed that his death certificate listed a bogus address; it turns out he had died at Paul McCartney's Los Angeles house, whose address they'd wanted to keep secret. Harrison band mate John Lenon's last will and testament can be found elsewhere ion our catalogues.   
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and shorter member of the Righteous Brothers, Hatfield died from what was later proven to be a cocaine overdose. Included in this 8-page autopsy report from the Kalamazoo County (MI) Medical Examiner are all the specifics, with the final opinion stating that Hatfield suffered a sudden, unexpected death due to acute cocaine toxicity.
JIMI HENDRIX     $15.00
The 60's rock phenomenon died intestate (without a will) in September of1970, and almost instantly the disputes over portions of his estate began. Included in this 38 page file are claims and counter claims, demands that Hendrix's library of raw audio tapes be released by his co-partners at Electric Lady Studios, paternity claims, an accounting of his estate at his death, and lastly, a copy of his estate tax return filed with the IRS in 1971. Another great file, and a must for Hendrix fans. 
AL HIRT      $10.00
Al Hirt, (often affectionately referred to as "The Round Mound of Sound") racked up 21 Grammy nominations (winning in 1964 for his signature song, JAVA, and 50 albums (17 charted, four went gold, one platinum) in a career that spanned five decades. His will (filed in New Orleans, of course) is a simple two-pages, to which we add an additional 11 pages of petitions and affidavits. 
Long on our list of customer requests, we were finally able to unearth these documents in the Surrogate Courts in Manhattan. The immensely talented Lady Day died intestate, so what we offer are 18 fact-filled pages of inventory and appraisement of her estate as well as claims pertaining to the same. This is an excellent package. 
BUDDY HOLLY     $20.00
Easily one of our favorite files, added to compliment the Richie Valens file found elsewhere in this catalogue. Holly died intestate (without a will) but what we offer are 20 pages consisting of petitions and court orders pertaining to Holly's wrongful death, and an inventory and appraisement of his estate. Last but best is a petition by the estate's attorney pertaining to his belief that rock and roll was dead and all but buried (an effort to have Holly 's estate tax liability reduced). Death certificate also included. 
Michael Jackson’s last will and testament is a simple 5 pages in length, but that’s only the beginning for this massive 140+ page file. Included are the initial filings, petitions, claims, proof of publication, as well as copies of the search warrants served on Jackson’s Bel Air mansion and Dr. Conrad Murray’s Houston storage unit. The wrangling between Jackson’s executors and Katherine Jackson for control of the monstrous estate makes for interesting reading. Our favorite document is the claim by one Billie Jean Jackson that the LW & T filed was a forgery and that she was the mother and protector of the three Jackson children, thus the entire estate should go to her. Michael Jackson's extremely detailed autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. Please note that due to its sheer size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
Michael Jackson always insisted that his 1993 out-of-court settlement with Jordan Chandler, the boy who first accused him of molestation, was never an admission of guilt; confidential documents revealed that the singer paid his accuser, his family and their lawyer a total of $25 million. We offer the original complaint, the boy’s narrative of the alleged sexual activity, and the redacted confidential agreement for the huge monetary settlement, for a total of 42 fascinating pages. Jackson’s last will and testament as well as his autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
By now, you know how this wrongful death suit turned out, but it’s extremely interesting to see where it all began… This 90 page file contains Katherine Jackson’s original complaint against AEG Live regarding their employment of Dr. Conrad Murray, her revised complaint, AEG’s answer, AEG’s motion for summary judgment (our favorite part of this file) and the notice of entry of judgment including the jury’s answers to the questions put to them. Please note that due to its sheer size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.   NEW FILE
ETTA JAMES     $20.00
The incomparable Etta James had a style spanned a myriad of music genres including blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll, jazz and gospel. In 2008 James was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and by the end of 2010 she was placed under conservatorship. In the 48 pages that we offer are the creation of the conservatorship and the battle between James’s husband Artis and their two sons that ensued. A month prior to her death in January 2012 the husband and wife had created a trust, which is also at issue here. The value of her estate and the community property therein are brought to light numerous times in these pages.   NEW FILE
James, the ultimate funkmaster, rose to fame in the late 1970s and early '80s with songs like MARY JANE, GIVE IT TO ME BABY, and SUPER FREAK. His hedonistic lifestyle and longtime crack cocaine addiction caused irreparable physical damage (not to mention a stint in Folsom Prison) that eventually contributed to his death at age 56. This 31 page file includes James’ 13 page will, the Petition for Probate, Proof of Publication and several pricey creditors’ claims. Rick James' autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
Jennings, the "outlaw" singer, songwriter and guitarist, was in Buddy Holly's original band, and would have died that cold night in 1959 had he not given up his seat on the doomed airplane to The Big Bopper. This large (60 pages)  includes Jennings will, his Trust agreement, the Petition for Probate, Notice of Publication, and affidavits from friends and loved ones (as witnesses) to the signing of his will.
SPIKE JONES     $15.00
This is a tough one. Just how do you describe Spike Jones? Composer? Songwriter? Band leader? However you remember Spike Jones, colorful, crazed and immensely funny certainly come to mind. This package includes his 15 page will, 4 pages of funeral information as well as a 2 page claim by his publicist. Death certificate included. 
JANIS JOPLIN     $15.00
This is a file for which we have had a lot of requests, and were finally able to unearth it in the archives of the Marin County (CA) Courts. Included are Joplin's 11 page will (signed days before her accidental heroin overdose), Petition for Probate, Letters Testamentary, and claims against the estate. In addition to the two page death certificate are 15 pages of petitions, for and against the estate. A great file. You can find Joplin's 16 page autopsy report elsewhere in our catalogues.
PEGGY LEE     $15.00
Sultry song stylist Peggy Lee was a class act all the way to the end. Oscar nominated for PETE KELLY'S BLUES, she went on to kick the Walt Disney Company's ass in 1991 when she was awarded $2.3 million for unpaid royalties from video sales of LADY AND THE TRAMP. This 26 page file includes her will, Petition and Order for Probate, creditor's claims for a couple of monster hospital bills, plus a few other goodies.
JOHN LENNON     $10.00
A simple, dry 4 pages with a 2 page witness. Truly surprising in its simplicity and lack of warmth. One gets the feeling that Yoko was in the background on this one. Suggested reading: Fred Seaman's "John Lennon: The Last Days." Lennon band mate George Harrison's last will and testament can be found elsewhere ion our catalogues.
ALAN JAY LERNER     $10.00
Alan Jay Lerner was the Oscar and Tony-winning composer, playwright and lyricist who penned such Broadway successes as "Camelot," "Brigadoon," My Fair Lady" and "Gigi." He left a 9 page will which we supplement with the 2 page Petition for Probate, the 2 page tax evaluation of his estate, as well as a copy of the death certificate. 
LIBERACE     $10.00
The flamboyant one died of AIDS in February 1987, just days after drafting his 5 page will. Additionally, we include the 3 page Petition for Probate a single page Letters Testamentary, and the 2 page death certificate. Liberace's rather bizarre autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
LINDA McCARTNEY     $15.00
Coupling photography with her love of rhythm and blues, McCartney specialized in capturing the character of the new musicians, the Beatles included, subsequently meeting her husband, Paul. Linda McCartney's will (filed in the US, but apparently not in the UK) is 19 pages and deals primarily with trusts and copyrights. Also included are 3 petitions to seal certain court records, filed by her brother, the executor of the estate. 
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