Famous Male Hollywood Stars
Robert Taylor  thru Darryl F. Zanuck
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ROBERT TAYLOR     $15.00
Taylor, one of the true "leading men" of the 40's-50's left behind a very 
explicit 20 page will and an even more explicit 12 page codicil (modification), in which RONALD and NANCY REAGAN (remember them?) are appointedguardians of his children. This package is one of our more interesting finds. Death certificate included. 
The silent film director's 1922 murder was quite possibly Hollywood's first scandal, involving famous names of the day such as Mary Miles Mintner and Mabel Normand, and remains unsolved more than 80 years later. The 50 pages we provide are the entire contents of his probate file, which includes many inventories of his belongings, claims against the estate (including detailed funeral expenses). Though age 50 at his death, Taylor never took the time to draft a will, dying intestate. Any silent film buff will truly enjoy this file. Both Mary Miles Mintner and Mabel Normand can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
The brains behind Louis B. Mayer at MGM in the 30's. This is an extremely rare and interesting find; a 20 page will plus a 4 page petition bearing his wife Norma Shearer's signature and a 1 page letter. Because Thalberg's original will was apparently stolen from his probate file, what we presentis the unsigned attorney's copy.
DANNY THOMAS     $10.00
From still another sequestered file, we have the funnyman's 4 page will, a 2 page Petition for Probate as well as the court order to sequester the file. 
TERRY THOMAS     $5.00
Another of Britain's famous funny men, Thomas left behind a short, simple 3 page will (with an indistinguishable signature, due to the debilitating disease that took his life), plus the Grant for Administration 
SPENCER TRACY     $10.00
Still another MGM great. Tracy's 12 page will and 3 page codicil (modification) have an underlying feeling of deep sadness to them. Death certificate included. We now offer Tracy pal Katharine Hepburn's last will and testament elsewhere in our catalogues.
Tucker, perhaps best known as Sgt. O'Roarke from the TV series F TROOP, left behind a simple 4 page will to which we have added 3 pages of funeral info. Additionally, there is a claim by Tucker's widow against her stepson regarding the "theft" of numerous items from the Tucker householdto which she (and he) both lay claim. 
BEN TURPIN     $10.00
We consider Turpin to be one of the unsung and forgotten stars of the silent comedies, and we were most pleased to have located his probate file. Included are a single page hand-written will from 1926 and a 4 page petition by his sister to have the will revoked. Collector's item. 
We've spent 10 years looking for the Valentino file in the L. A. County Superior Court Archives, and have come up empty handed...until now...We discovered that a typewritten copy of his will (and lacking a signature) was recorded at the same time that the original documents were filed in 1926. What we present is the filed text copy of Rudolph Valentino's Last Will and Testament (2 pages) along with copies of the Register Of Actions (14 pages) that show every document filed in his probate case, from September 10, 1926 to the final filing on January 10, 1942. This is a very informative file, though we will continue to search for the original file. 
RUDY VALLEE     $10.00
A favorite crooner from the heyday of Hollywood left us a 7 page will, and we include a 2 page petition for probate. Most interesting is the final accounting of the value of the estate, which surprised even us. Death certificate included. 
LEE VAN CLEEF     $15.00
One of the great movie villains, Van Cleef actually started out as an accountant. His big break came as henchman Jack Colby in HIGH NOON, a role that brought him great recognition despite having no dialogue. His will, as expected is a highly detailed 16 pages and to this we add the 3 page Petition for Probate, the Letters of Probate, and an impressive 7 page Inventory and Appraisement of the estate. 
CONRAD VEIDT      $15.00
Probably best remembered for his role as the Nazi Officer in CASABLANCA (though we relish his role as the somnambulist in CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI), Veidt's 1936 will (he died in 1943) is 7 wonderful pages. To this we add 22 more pages, including invoices for his funeral, the tax appraiser's inventory of his estate, and more. 
Certainly best known as Tatoo from FANTASY ISLAND (de plane, de plane!) Villechaize' career took a nose-dive after he was fired from the series over salary demands, later taking his own life with a gun. This 25 page probate file is quite unique in that it actually contains a handwritten copy of Villechaize' pained suicide note, as well as a transcript of the same. Also included: petitions, claims, a great licensing proposition to put his image on T-shirts,  as well as the death certificate. Villechaize died intestate, thus, no will.
Still another of Hollywood's more sinister character actors, and a great director in his own right. Von Stroheim's 1943 will is 3 pages long, and we include the 2 page Petition for Probate. 
Paul Walker began his career guest-starring in several television shows such as THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, but became HUGE with the many FAST AND FURIOUS films. This 20 page file includes Walker’s last will and testament, the petition for probate, order for probate, letters testamentary, proof of publication (published twice), and a media request to photograph and broadcast all proceedings. Walker’s autopsy file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. NEW FILE
JACK L. WARNER     $15.00
Warner, the last of the brothers to run the studio that bore his name was notorious, even by Hollywood's standards. His lengthy (20 pages) will is detailed and anyone familiar with Warner will find it highly enlightening as well as entertaining. Also included are a 3 page claim by his niece for 25% of his estate (rejected), a $2,400,000 claim by his widow (approved) plus a 2 page claim for funeral expenses. This is truly a great file, and another customer request. 
JOHN WAYNE     $20.00
The Duke's last will & testament is 27 fascinating pages, plus we include 2 pages of petitions, 2 pages of funeral information, and the death certificate. One of our best.
CLIFTON WEBB     $10.00
Mr. Webb, probably best known for his MR. BELVEDERE-type characters is said to still be haunting his old home in Los Angeles (talk about staying-power).Webb's will in this package is 8 pages in length, to which we add the 2 page Petition for Probate, 2 pages of funeral information, and lastly a claim by his agent for 10% of uncollected royalties. Death certificate included. 
JACK WEBB     $15.00
"Right. Got it. Thanks." Words that will live in TV history forever,thanks to DRAGNET reruns. Webb's will (and 3 codicils) are interestingin light of the changes taking place in his life at the time of their drafting. The will is 13 pages, and the codicils total 6 pages to which we add the 2 page Petition for Probate. Included is a copy of Webb's death certificate. You can find Jack Webb's autopsy report elsewhere in our catalogues.
ORSON WELLES     $10.00
One of our favorite finds. The unquestionably (and amazingly) talented director and star left us with a 5 page will, a three page Petition for Probate, a single page Letters of Testamentary, and lastly a copy of Welles'death certificate. 
JAMES WHALE     $15.00
Whale made his monumental contribution to the horror film genre directing such classics as FRANKENSTEIN, THE INVISIBLE MAN,  and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. As horror movies lost favor, he retreated to a more private and hedonistic life, finally committing suicide by drowning in his pool in 1957. We offer his 7 page will (loaded with bequests), the 2 page codicil, 4 page Inventory and Appraisement (very detailed), the Petition for Probate, and 14 pages of creditor's claims and petitions pertaining to funeral costs, his Trust, and psychiatric treatment. Death certificate included. 
BERT WHEELER     $5.00
The stage, screen, vaudeville and television actor (and sometimes screenwriter) was half of the comedy team of Wheeler & Woolsey, and left a simple2 page will to which we add the 2 page Petition for Probate. 
CORNEL WILDE     $15.00
The talented actor left behind an 8 page will to which we've added the12 page Petition for Probate, a 4 page Creditor's Claim (which shows funeral expenses) and a 10 page Creditor's Claim for last illness medical expenses.
This is something we never expected to find, in fact, it was filed with little if no fanfare, making it fairly unique. What we offer in this 32 page file is Robin and Marsha Williams’ 1996 Irrevocable Trust, dividing their tidy estate into seven parts and then distributing it to brothers, mothers, sisters, all mentioned in the document. Also included are 4 individual signed consents from ex-wife Marsha and three children to appoint a co-trustee and to allow modification of the trust. Very interesting reading. Robin Williams divorce  (from Marsha Garces) and his autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. NEW FILE
FLIP WILSON     $15.00
On the FLIP WILSON SHOW Wilson's wonderful character Geraldine popularized the phrase "what you see is what you get (honey)." Therefore, can not a claim be made that Geraldine coined the PC term WYSIWYG?" Wilson's 10 page will (which makes mention of the fact that he possibly had children out of wedlock, and that he specifically disinherited) is interesting, but not as interesting as the  11 page objection to the filing of his will, brought by his son Kevin. Also included is the 4 page petition for Probate. 
ED WOOD     $20.00
What can you say about Ed Wood, except that he made what is widely considered the worst movie of all time (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE) and was eventually turned into a major cult figure by Tim Burton in his awesome biopic ED WOOD. Wood died intestate in 1978; we offer documents from the 1998 filing wherein two women claim to be Wood’s surviving spouse, each wanting their cut of the small estate. Included are Wood’s death certificate, a marriage record for Wood and one of the women, and a neat inventory of the films and screenplays Wood left behind. This is a unique file, to say the least.
ED WYNN     $10.00
Wynn was one of the funnymen of radio's heyday, and a vaudeville star to boot. His 1961 will is 10 pages and makes for interesting reading. To this we add a 2 page codicil and 3 pages of funeral information. Death certificate included. 
GIG YOUNG     $10.00
Gig Young came to a tragic end, recently married, he killed his new wife and then himself in 1978. We offer his six page will (which makes no mention of his new wife), a tax report showing the value of his estate, and finally a copy of the death certificate, showing him as "widowed." 
DARRYL F. ZANUCK     $20.00
One of the founding fathers of TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. If you are looking for controversy and intrigue, this package will amaze you! In addition to Zanuck's hotly contested 19 page will and 3 page codicil are an additional 20 pages of claims and accusations regarding forged signatures, kidnapping, death threats, you name it. This is one of our absolute best.