Famous Male Hollywood Stars
Ozzie Nelson  thru Anthony Quinn
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OZZIE NELSON     $15.00
Screen, stage, radio, and television actor, film and television producer-director, and a heck of a band-leader in his day. Nelson was head of the clan (that included singer Ricky Nelson) made television history in the 50's with the show THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET. We offer his detailed 13 page will, plus 5 pages of Inventory and Appraisement of the estate, Letters Testamentary, a 2page petition (re: the Petition for Probate) and the death certificate.
Okay, everybody will remember Nielsen’s Lt. Frank Drebin as being the highlight of his career, but our favorite of his films will always be MGM’s 1956 stellar production of FORBIDDEN PLANET. In this 30-page file we include Nielsen’s last will & testament, the order admitting the will to probate, notice to creditors, proof of publication, petition for and letters of administration, termination of the marital trust, final discharge, and more…
PAUL NEWMAN     $15.00
“Classically handsome, with a super abundance of sex appeal,” even into his golden years, Newman was a gifted actor (and later philanthropist) that we thought would be around forever. This file includes his 18 page last will and testament and codicil, (lots of interesting bequests!) the Application for Probate, and the death certificate.
RAMON NOVARRO     $15.00
Considered the swarthy heir apparent after Rudolph Valentino's somewhat sudden death in 1926, Novarro himself died suddenly and most brutally when he was murdered in 1968. His will and three codicils total 23 pages of OUTSTANDING bequests, to which we add several pages of tax forms showing the value of his estate, plus a few other surprises.
JACK OAKIE     $10.00
In our book, one of the unsung funnymen in 30 years of film. Oakie left a 3 page will (a sort of "fill in the blanks" affair) to which we have added 9 pages of Inventory and Appraisement and reports from the tax referees. 
WARREN OATES     $15.00
This very talented character actor left a very detailed 20 page will, to which we have added the 2 page petition for probate and a single page of Inventory and Appraisement, showing the value of the estate. Death certificate included. 
PAT O'BRIEN     $15.00
The venerable character actor had a career that lasted fifty years (and more than one hundred films), and left behind a detailed 15 page will with plenty of bequests. Also included are 4 pages of funeral information and a 2 page Inventory and Appraisement. 
WARNER OLAND     $10.00
Another customer challenge. Oland, who died in 1938, created the character CHARLIE CHAN in the series of classic mystery films. This 16 page file consists of Oland's 3 page will, a detailed 9 page Distribution of the Estate, and 4 pages of letters and funeral expense. 
The classic actor and one time husband of Vivien Leigh left a short but detailed 6 page will to which we have added the British equivalent of the petition for probate. 
JERRY ORBACH     $15.00
Described as one of the last bona fide leading men of the Broadway musical as well as a global celebrity on television, Jerry Orbach was the consummate professional… 12 years on LAW AND ORDER, one of the most popular voices from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, this guy was the whole package. This 23 page file includes his 13 page will, the letters testamentary, the decree granting probate, and his death certificate. NEW FILE
The dapper character actor, best known for his portrayals of prissy, exasperated hotel managers, clerks, tailors,  in countless films of the 1930s and 1940s, left a four page will plus four handwritten codicils. This 30 page file also includes a detailed inventory of the estate, the Petition for Probate, Letters Testamentary, and claims against the estate for Pangbornís last illness (the surgery from which he died) as well as the funeral expense. 
Actor Peppard (BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS, THE "A" TEAM) established a Trust, so his will was not probated. We offer a 17 page Report of Distribution of that Trust, which is essentially how the trust reads, and who received what. Two page death certificate included. 
RIVER PHOENIX     $20.00
River Phoenix's will was sealed immediately after he OD'd on Halloween night of 1993. We are led to believe that this was done in an effort to keep the details of the document from the prying eyes of his crazed fans. We offer 50 intriguing pages of petitions, court orders, claims against the estate (6 million dollars worth!). An great document, especially when combined with Phoenix's very detailed autopsy report, found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
SLIM PICKENS     $15.00
Pickens, whose real name was Louis Burton Lindley, was one of our favoritecowboy character actors, and left a 21 page will and a 2 page codicil. Also included are Letters of Administration, and the final discharge and order to close the case. 
DICK POWELL     $15.00
Powell was one of the Hollywood stars who caved-in at McCarthy's HUAC "inquisition" in the early 50's, putting dozens of other Hollywood notables out of work, some for the rest of their lives. His 1963 will is 21 extremely detailed pages, with a 2 page 1st codicil and a 6 page 2nd codicil. Also included are 2 pages of funeral information, as well as the death certificate. 
Our favorite THIN MAN (starring with the gorgeous Myrna Loy), Powell's 1974 will is 5 pages, as well as a 1st and 2nd codicil, which are 2 pages each. Added to the package is a 3 page agreement (a division of property) between Powell and his wife, and a 2 page valuation of the estate. 
TYRONE POWER     $10.00
One of Hollywood's greatest and dashing of leading men. 12 page will plus1 page witness to the signing of the will. 
This talented and prolific director (STALAG 17, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, among others) left a 20 page will that was as detailed as the films he made. Also included are a 6 page Petition To Discover Property and a two page Order Fixing Tax, showing the value of Preminger's estate at his death. This is a conformed copy of the will and does note bare Preminger'signature. 
Our favorite MUSIC MAN, Preston left a 5 page will; included are the 2page Petition for Probate, a truly enlightening 5 page Inventory and Appraisement,and a copy of the death certificate. 
VINCENT PRICE     $15.00
Truly the last of the great masters of horror, and a long-time favorite of ours. Mr. Price left behind a 7 page will plus a 2 page codicil to which we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate and the single page order for probate. Death certificate included. 
One of Hollywood's saddest tragedies, Prinze's (CHICO AND THE MAN) will from his sequestered file consists of 22 pages of illuminating information.Also included are a 2 page Petition for Probate, 2 pages of funeral info as well as a copy of the certified death certificate. Prinze' autopsy and coroner's report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
ANTHONY QUINN     $15.00
THE Dynamic, prolific character actor left most of his 13 children out of his will (for reasons still not clear) while the bulk of his estate went to his wife at the time of his death and their two young children. This 30 page file includes Quinn's 8 page will, an interesting claim by his 3 daughters by (first wife) Katherine DeMille (which incorporates a copy of their 1965 separation agreement), Petition and Order For Probate, as well as the death certificate.