Famous Male Hollywood Stars
Alan Ladd  thru Audie Murphy
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ALAN LADD     $15.00
Considered a lost file in the Los Angeles Superior Court Archives until one of our researchers was able to locate it. This excellent file (another customer request) contains Ladd's highly detailed 13 page will, to which we add a 3 page claim by his agent and a 2 page claim for funeral expenses. Death certificate included. 
BERT LAHR     $15.00
Lahr, one of vaudeville's truly great performers was probably best known for his timeless portrayal of the Cowardly Lion in THE WIZARD OF OZ. Included in this file are Lahr's highly detailed 19 page will, 4 pages of waivers by his family members, two page Petition for Probate and two pages showing the value and tax liability of Lahr's estate. Another customer request.
The Latin lover (best paired with Lana Turner) left a detailed 6 page will, with several mentions of son Lorenzo. To this we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate, a single page Inventory and Appraisement and an enlightening 5 page declaration by Lamas' wife pertaining to their community property.
CARL LAEMMLE     $20.00
Papa Carl, as he was affectionately known to his employees, was the founding father of Universal Pictures. An extraordinary success story, Laemmle took a $3,600 investment in a nickelodeon and turned it into millions. His will, drafted between 1937-39 is 40 detailed-laden pages, plus 5 codicils (an additional 10 pages) plus the Petition for Probate and a very interesting 2 page accounting of monies passed between Laemmle and his brother Siegfried in Bavaria.
The remarkable film actor started out as a circus acrobat, and performed in army shows before making his name in Hollywood. His 32page will is extremely detailed, and loaded with bequests, and terms of the bequests. Additionally, there is a 6 page codicil, changing numerous points in the will when he became engaged to be married. 
Landon, best known for his roles in BONANZA and LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE died a young man in 1991, his 17-page Last Will and Testament left with the courts for "Safekeeping." By late 1994 it was looking likely that the estate was going to end up in Probate, which is when we gained access. To the will we add a 3-page Codicil, signed just hours before his death, and the 2-page Petition for Probate.
HARRY LANGDON     $10.00
The vaudevillian-turned actor was a hit in the silent era and early talkies due, in part, to his fortunate teaming with a young writer named Frank Capra. His ego getting the best of him, Langdon thought he could go it alone and dumped Capra, and then went on to a career that had absolutely nowhere to go but down. Apparently Langdon left no probated will, so what we offer is the probated 9-page “Life Estate” which came into play when his widow Mabel had to petition the court regarding real estate the two had purchased.
The classic Mr. Laughton's file is 22 pages, consists of a three page will (making his wife, Elsa Lanchester, Executrix), the 5 page Petition for Probate, and 13 pages of medical and funeral claims. Death certificate included. Elsa Lanchester's last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
STAN LAUREL     $10.00
Laurel, of LAUREL & HARDY fame; 2 page will plus 1 page witness to the signing of the will. We have also added a three page Inventory and Appraisement, single page Proof of Publication, and a fascinating 3 page declaration by Virginia Ruth Laurel pertaining to the fact that Laurel's finances had been looted by his attorney/business manager. Death certificate included.
PETER LAWFORD     $10.00
Lawford's is one of many hand-written wills in our collection, drafted in bed at the UCLA Medical Center. Also included is an interesting claim against his estate by none other than Hugh Hefner, including canceled checks et al. 
HEATH LEDGER     $20.00
Tragic, by any measure, that this talented young actor lost his life at such a young age. This 30+ page file includes his will (drafted before his relationship with Michelle Williams) along with plenty of other interesting probate documents, including those showing the (stateside) funeral expense.
A rather sad addition to our collection, as his father appears here as well. Lee died intestate (as did his father) so we provide over 40 pages of petitions, claims against the estate, the Petition for, Order for, and Letters of Probate. Death certificate included. 
BRUCE LEE     $15.00
Another of our favorite finds. The master of martial arts died intestate (without a will) in 1973, and what we include in this package are 12 pages of extremely interesting petitions, a 3 page Inventory and Appraisement and a single page Order for Probate. 
Though he had a long and storied career spanning some 60 years, it was certainly his role as 'Q' in many of the James Bond films where he left his mark. This simple three-page last will and testament provides solely for his sons, never mentioning his wife Pamela.
HAROLD LLOYD     $15.00
Another of our silent film favorites. Highly detailed and extremely generous 29 page will; 2 pages of funeral info included as well. 
PETER LORRE     $10.00
Possibly one of the best sinister character actors, Lorre is another star who died intestate. This package includes a 2 page Petition for Letters of Administration, a 3 page Inventory and Appraisement, a 2 page Notice of Private Sale (mentioning an unreleased 1952 film of Lorre's), and 4 pages of funeral information. Death certificate included. 
BELA LUGOSI     $15.00
One of Universal's top stars in the 1930's-40's. 3 page will plus 9 pages of additional info regarding a legal battle between Lugosi's estate and Universal over rights to the DRACULA character. Two pages of funeral info, a copy of the Lugosi entry in the Los Angeles County Coroner's  Register, plus a copy of the death certificate also included. 
PAUL LYNDE     $15.00
Probably best known as Mr. Center Square on THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, Lynde was also a very talented comedic character actor. His detailed 1965 will is 14 pages in length, to which we add a 6-page Petition for Probate, a 3-page claim for funeral expense, and an 8-page copy of the Register of Actions, showing every single filing made in his probate matter. Lynde's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
FRED MacMURRAY     $10.00
Fred MacMurray was the ultimate, likable nice guy. But MacMurray let himself play against the nice guy image, creating that small but indelible gallery of bad guys, as in "Double Indemnity." We offer his 8 page will, which leaves the bulk of his estate to his wife (and executrix of his estate) actress June Haver. 
This is a will that we received numerous requests for and are very pleased to add to our collection. Mr. March (A STAR IS BORN, THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE among many others) left a highly detailed 26 page will (with several pages of bequests) which he modified with a 3 page codicil. Truly an excellent package. 
ROSS MARTIN     $15.00
Martin (given name Rosenblatt), though a talented stagehand screen actor, is surely best remembered as Secret Service agent Artemus Gordon in the TV series THE WILD WILD WEST. Martin's will is 15 detailed pages, with numerous bequests, to which we add a two page inventory of his estate and two separate Orders for Probate. Most interesting is a 13 page Objection to the Final Accounting of the estate, brought by Martin's only daughter, the sole residuary heir to his estate. 
Character actor extraordinaire (probably best known for his role opposite Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE), Stother Martin does not appear to have left a will. In this 12 page file (from 1982) we offer an inventory and appraisement of his estate that was filed by his widow in connection with the community property that they shared.
It would appear that a pension dispute with New York's Actor's Equity League (that dispute valued at $200,000+) put Matthau's estate into probate more than eight years after his death in 2000. This 16 page file includes his last will and testament, an inventory and appraisement regarding the dispute, and the death certificate.

VICTOR MATURE     $10.00 
Mature auditioned for the GONE WITH THE WIND role that ultimately went to fellow Pasadena Playhouse student and friend, George Reeves. A major presence in the Biblical epic genre, he starred in SAMSON AND DELILAH, THE ROBE, as well as THE EGYPTIAN, crediting his success in these Biblical spectacles to his ability to "make with the holy look." His will (filed for safe-keeping, but never probated) is 8 pages, to which we add his death certificate.

CHICO MARX     $15.00
Chico's will is a tailored 3 pages, but most interesting is the 6 page Petition for Family Allowance, and the 3 page Inventory and Appraisement. Also included is a 2 page claim against the estate regarding the funeral expense and a copy of the death certificate. 
GROUCHO MARX     $20.00
The one and only. Deliciously detailed 23 page will as well as 4 additional pages regarding a contract between Marx and Erin Fleming, his controversial companion at his death, as well as a copy of the death certificate. Great conversation piece. 
GUMMO MARX     $15.00
The fifth and basically unseen Marx Brother; Marx' 8 page will was modified by a 2 page codicil literally days before his death in 1977. To this we have added the 3 page Petition for Probate, single page Order for Probate, a very thorough 6 page Inventory and Appraisement. 
HARPO MARX     $20.00
We spent quite a while trying to locate Harpo Marx' probate file, and we think you will be truly pleased with what we found. His 1959 will is a fascinating 21 pages in length, with a 2 page 1st codicil from1961, and a 2 page 2nd codicil from 1963. Included are a 2 page Petition for Probate plus 3 very detailed pages of Inventory and Appraisement of the estate, and a copy of the death certificate. 
ZEPPO MARX     $15.00
The 4th Marx Brother (seen in only 5 of the MARX BROTHERS films, ending with DUCK SOUP in 1933) left us an 8 page will which includes many interesting bequests. To this we have added the 4 page petition for probate, plus an intriguing 4 page petition by Marx' ex-wife contesting his will. A highly requested file.
The outstanding character actor, with fine roles too numerous to mention, left behind a 12 page will loaded with bequests. To this we add a detailed 3 page claim against the estate for funeral expense. 
LOUIS B. MAYER     $15.00
Absolutely and without question one of our favorite wills. Pulled from Mayer's MASSIVE probate file, this will is a full 20 pages of interesting bequests, slams from beyond the grave (David O. Selznick, an ex son-in-law of Mayer's, gets a highly unusual compliment from the deceased) and more.
DARREN McGAVIN     $15.00
Mc Gavin had a filmography as long as your arm (dating back to 1945) but our favorite times were spent on Friday nights enjoying KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER…that was fun stuff. This 34- page file includes the last will and testament (and 2 codicils), the Order for Probate, Proof of Publication, plus a very thorough Inventory and Appraisement of Mc Gavin’s estate.
STEVE McQUEEN     $10.00
This hard-to-find 5 page document will be of interest to McQueen's fans. Even more interesting are the receipts for the various items and cash that his heirs received via the will. Mexican Certificado de Defuncion (death certificate) included. 
Certainly one of film's classic character actors, Menjou left an 11 page will which intentionally excluded his son by a previous marriage. This exclusion resulted in a rather nasty 4 page petition of Contest and Objection to Will, which we include, plus a single page Letters of Testamentary and 2 pages of funeral information. Death certificate included. 
Certainly one of the most influential designers in the history of film, Menzies's artistry encompassed everything from the one-of-a-kind production design of GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) to film direction (our favorites being THINGS TO COME and INVADERS FROM MARS).  It was the latter film that scared the bejeezus out of us as kids. Though he died in 1957, Menzies' 3 page will was drafted in 1929, and to this we add an additional 13 pages including the Petition for Probate, Letters of Administration, a detailed Inventory and Appraisement of the estate, as well as the final discharge.
SAL MINEO     $15.00
Mineo, probably best known for his roles in REBEL WITH OUT A CAUSE and EXODUS, murdered in 1976 and left no will. What we offer in this 20 page package are probate documents showing Mineo's estate to be insolvent, and numerous creditor's claims (including funeral expense), most of which went unpaid. Mineo's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
TOM MIX     $10.00
Mix was one of the premier cowboys of the 30's, and we consider this probate file a tremendous find. Mix's will is 15 detailed pages, and even includes a bequest of his faithful horse and pal, Tony. Included are a 2 page Petition for Probate, a waiver by Mix's wife to be appointed administratrix, and 7 very detailed pages of Inventory and Appraisement of the estate. This package is guaranteed to be a cowboy collector's dream. 
FRANK MORGAN     $15.00
One of our favorites among the cream of MGM's contract players and probably best remembered as Professor Marvel and The Wizard in THE WIZARD OF OZ, Morgan was truly a classic. His 1947 will and codicil are 13 pages, (and signed Frank Wupperman, his given name), to which weave added another 20 pages of petitions, inventories (very detailed) and funeral information. 
VIC MORROW     $10.00
Morrow met his untimely end filming TWILIGHT ZONE, THE MOVIE in 1982, and left an envelope (copy of which is included) with a hand-written 1 page will plus a single hand-written page of instructions regarding a numbered Swiss Bank account. Also included is the Order for Probate, Proof of Holographic Instrument (the hand-written will) and a copy of the death certificate.
The Irish born actor, though equally well versed in stage, screen, and television performances, will probably be best remembered for his starring roles on television's THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR and later, KNIGHTRIDER. This fifteen page package consists of Mr. Mulhare's scant 3 page will, plus the Petition for Probate, the Certificate of Assignment, and the Final Distribution of his estate.
Mulligan was a favorite player for director Blake Edwards, having appeared in SOB, A FINE MESS, MICKI & MAUDE and TRAIL OF THE PINK PANTHER." Our favorite performance? His turn as General Custer opposite Dustin Hoffman in LITTLE BIG MAN (with his delicious portrayal of Burt Campbell in SOAP coming in a close second). This 22 page file includes Mulligan's 10 page will (with mentions of ex-wife Joan Hackett) , along with Petitions and Orders for Probate. Death certificate also included. 
AUDIE MURPHY     $15.00
Audie Murphy was an interesting fellow...a war hero turned actor, he seems to have left two wills (a total of 17 pages, including 1 codicil), both of which we include in our package. We also include the 3 page Inventory and Appraisement. An excellent package.