Famous Male Hollywood Stars
Sam Jaffe  thru Stanley Kubrick
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SAM JAFFE     $10.00
Jaffe, the white-haired character actor is remembered for roles in ASPHALT JUNGLE, BEN HUR, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, and as Dr. Zorba in TV's BEN CASEY. His fifteen page file consists of his 6 page will and codicil, the Petition for Probate, Proof of Holographic Witness, and a six page Community Property Petition and Order. 
DAVID JANSSEN     $15.00
Janssen, of THE FUGITIVE fame, left a 5 page will, but what makes this file interesting are the series of claims against the estate (12pages) which include 2 pages of funeral information as well as the death certificate. Janssen's autopsy report can be located elsewhere in our catalogues.
BEN JOHNSON     $15.00
Johnson was a ranch hand and rodeo performer until Howard Hughes hired him to take a load of horses to California. He was a stunt double for John Wayne, Gary Cooper and James Stewart until John Ford gave him a part which led to his appearance in over 300 films. This 31 page file includes his 7 page will plus many other informative documents.
AL JOLSON     $10.00
8 page will, which because it was copied from the attorney's copy of the will (replacing the original which was at some point removed from the probate file) unfortunately does not bear Jolson's signature. Death certificate included. 
What would Ed Rooney say? Jones was accused of hiring a 14-year-old boy to pose for sexually explicit photographs and was charged with one felony count of employing a minor for purposes of taking sexually explicit photos and a misdemeanor count of possessing child pornography and released on $20,000 bail. We offer the 15 page complaint and a request for dismissal that are on file with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. 
VICTOR JORY     $15.00
Another one of our favorite character actors, and still another customer request. Jory left a highly detailed 16 page will, as well as a two page codicil signed 7 years later and showing a considerable change in his physical condition, as witnessed by the difference in signatures. Also included are the Petition for Probate, a two page claim for funeral expense and the death certificate. 
RAUL JULIA     $15.00
The darkly handsome actor who starred with equal aplomb as Othello on stage and lusty Gomez Addams in the movie "The Addams Family," died in 1994 at age 54. We offer his remarkably detailed 37-page will, the death certificate showing the deceased's name as Rob Hunter, and an affidavit from his doctor stating that Mr. Hunter and Mr. Julia were one in the same. 
BORIS KARLOFF     $15.00
A long time favorite of ours, and an original member of the horror hall of fame, Karloff  left a nice little seven page will to which we add the British Registry of Probate, the Petition for Probate from New York State, and the Order Fixing Tax showing the valuation of his estate. Death certificate included. 
ANDY KAUFMAN     $15.00
Kaufman was truly one of a kind, a character and person that to this day still defies description. The SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE regular (always one of our favorite Elvi) left behind a surprisingly detailed 9-page will to which we add an equally detailed Inventory and Appraisement of his estate. Also included are the Petition For Probate and the Letters of Administration. Kaufman's death certificate has also been added to this file. 
DANNY KAYE     $10.00
Who could forget the inimitable WALTER MITTY? Kaye, who gave us such films as WHITE CHRISTMAS and THE KID FROM BROOKLYN left a 5 page will to which we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate, a very thorough 5 page Inventory and Appraisement, and lastly an interesting 2 page claim by the William Morris Agency. 
BRIAN KEITH     $15.00
The talented character actor was, tragically, a suicide in 1997.  This 13 page file includes Keith's 3 page will, the Petition and Order for Probate, the receipt for safekeeping of his will by the Courts, a petition regarding mysterious safe deposit boxes, and the death certificate. Keith's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
BUSTER KEATON     $10.00
Far and away silent film's greatest unsung comedy genius (as both an actor as well as a director). Keaton left behind a 4 page will. Recently added are the 8-page inventory and Appraisement of Keaton's estate, but also a copy of the final discharge.
This wonderful character actor, probably best known as Pa Kettle in Universal's MA & PA KETTLE series, left a single page hand written will. To this we have added the 4 page Petition for Probate, 2 page Claim for last illness, and a 4 page inventory and Appraisement. Death Certificate included. 
SAM KINISON     $15.00
The avant-garde comedian died tragically in May of 1992. Included in his package are the 4 page will, the 7 page Petition for Probate, 20pages of very interesting claims against the estate, 4 pages of funeral information, the Letters Testamentary, and lastly a copy of the death certificate. Kinison's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
DON KNOTTS     $20.00
Hands-down, Knotts was the personification of “the nervous guy,” perfecting that trademark high-strung persona which he used successfully throughout his career. This 50+ page file includes the amended copy of his trust agreement, as wall as a copy of his last will and testament. A very thorough and detailed file.  
ERNIE KOVACS     $15.00
Another highly requested file. Kovacs died intestate, so we present 18 pages of petitions, inventories and appraisements (very interesting stuff), claims against the estate (including 4 pages of funeral information) as well as a copy of the death certificate.
With such outstanding directorial achievements as LOLITA, 2001..., DR. STRANGELOVE, and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Kubrick was, without question, a man of the highest cinematic credentials. His will (never filed in Britain, where he was domiciled but filed under great secrecy with the Los Angeles County Courts), is 12 pages to which we also add 17 pages of petitions, attachments, and declarations, as well as a copy of his British death certificate.