Famous Male Hollywood Stars
Clark Gable  thru Jeffrey Hunter
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CLARK GABLE     $15.00
Gable left a 3 page will, plus the notary to the signing of the will. Also added to this package are a very detailed 3 page Inventory& Appraisement, an intriguing $100,000 claim revolving around the airplane accident that killed his wife Carole Lombard, whose last will and testament can also be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
James Gandolfini, he of SOPRANOS fame, died suddenly while on a trip to Rome with his son Michael. This 35-page file includes Gandolfini’s 17 page will (with a number of extremely generous bequests), plus 18 additional pages of filings and declarations.
Sir John was a highly distinguished and prolific performer who is considered to be one of the finest actors of his generation (one of our favorites: his portrayal of Hobson, Dudley Moore's valet in ARTHUR). His four page will is made up primarily of generous bequests that say a lot about the man. British Grant for Probate is also included. 
JOHN GILBERT     $15.00
One of the early screen's most famous leading men, Gilbert lived a hard life and died at age 39 in 1937. Gilbert left a generous and detailed 11 page will plus a very thorough 5 page evaluation of his estate. 
A colossal part (no pun intended) of the Golden Days of Television. Following the legendary success of THE HONEYMOONERS, Gleason also put Miami Beach on the map when he moved his weekly variety show there from New York City. We offer his 1985 12-page will plus a 5-page codicil drafted just days before his death. Gleason's HONEYMOONERS wife Audrey Meadows' own probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues
Alexander Godunov, the lithe dancer with the long flaxen hair and a brooding manner who created an international stir when he defected from the Soviet Union in 1979 died, at age 45, apparently due to chronic alcoholism. His 1993 will is 11 pages, to which we add an 8 page Inventory and Appraisement of his estate plus the Order For and Letters of Probate.
One of Hollywood's finest producers. A highly detailed 31 page will. 
CARY GRANT     $15.00
A delightful 16 page will, plus a 1 page hand-written codicil and a 2 page Petition for Probate.  A customer request set us in search of the Cary Grant Dyan Cannon divorce file, which can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
Simply one of the sinister best (who could forget the Fat Man in the MALTESE FALCON?) It took quite a bit of digging to locate Greenstreet's 13 page last will and testament, but it proved to be well worth it. To the will we have added 2 pages of funeral information. Death certificate included.
Griffin was a singer, popular afternoon talk show host, and most indelibly, a major media mogul for his creation of the game shows JEAPARDY! And WHEEL OF FORTUNE. A couple of years after his death, Griffin’s only son, Anthony, filed suit against the trustees of Griffin’s very valuable Trust, which brought the whole shootin’ match into the probate court. This 69-page file includes the 39 page Trust Agreement, plus 30 pages of petitions and applications filed by the son. This is one terrific file! Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
D.W. GRIFFITH     $10.00
Hollywood's original premier director (BIRTH OF A NATION, INTOLERANCE). Two page will plus several additional pages of funeral info. 
ALEC GUINNESS     $15.00
Sir Alec may well have been the last of Britain's royal acting family, ending a 50-year career with his death in 2000. Some Of Guinness' most notable movie work was done for director David Lean, having been in 6 of the directors' films (our across the board favorite being BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI).  Guinness' will is 9 pages to which we add the British Grant for Probate, which places the value of his estate at £2,500,000. Death certificate also included.
EDMUND GWENN     $10.00
Who could forget Gwenn as Kris Kringle in MIRACLE ON 34th STREET? He left a 3 page will (with a bequest for his Oscar as well as his Golden Globe Awards), a handwritten codicil, and a petition to revoke the same. Additionally we offer several pages of claims for funeral expense, and assignments of interest in the estate. Death Certificate included. 
FRED GWYNNE     $15.00
 Gwynne wrote the book on Herman Munster, and became one of our favorite character actors along the way. He left behind a detailed 22 page will with numerous bequests and to this we add the 3 page Petition for Probate as well as the death certificate. 
Known primarily as a nightclub comic, Hackett often referred to himself as a “saloon comic” who preferred the stage to films or TV (though we loved him in IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD). This file, 57 pages in all, includes the 4th and 5th amendments, restating the original1980 Trust; also included is a detailed accounting of the of the Trust and the property contained therein as of two years following Hackett’s death in 2003. Death certificate also included.
JACK HALEY     $15.00
The notable song and dance man (best known as the Tin Man in THE WIZARD OF OZ, and at one point father-in law to Liza Minnelli) left a simple 3 page will. The balance of this 21 page file is made up of a very detailed Inventory and Appraisement of his estate as well as the Petition and Order for Probate.
OLIVER HARDY     $10.00
Hardy, of LAUREL & HARDY fame left a 2 page will plus probate order. We have added 7 additional pages of creditors claims for last illness, funeral expense and a property settlement with his first wife, Myrtle. Death certificate included. Expanded File.
PHIL HARRIS     $10.00
40's bandleader, plus a radio, film and TV actor, Harris was a principal of long standing among comedian Jack Benny's radio retinue, parlaying his popularity into his own radio series. His will is 6 simple pages, and to this we add the Order and Letters of Probate, plus a 6 page Waiver of Accounting and finally, a rather sad Inventory and Appraisement of of what would appear to be a a rather meager estate. Harris' widow, Alice Faye, also has an interesting will that can be found in Female Stars catalogue.
WILLIAM S. HART     $15.00
Probably our biggest and best cowboy file. Hart was the Original cowboy star of the silent film era. This package includes a great13 page will as well as a very intriguing, very detailed 13 page Petition to Revoke the Will by Hart's son. Also included are a 2 page judgment regarding the Petition to Revoke and 2 pages of funeral information. A collectors item and a great find. Death certificate included. 
PHIL HARTMAN     $20.00
And we lose still another SNL veteran, this time through no fault of his own. We offer Hartman's 50 will, plus a three page intermediate Inventory & Appraisement, a copy of the Bond that his brother was required to secure, as well as a copy of Hartman's death certificate. A sad but telling document. His wife (and murderer) Brynn Hartman, has a similar will, which can be found in our Notable Persons Catalogue. Additionally, both Hartman's autopsy reports can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
HOWARD HAWKES     $10.00
One of John Wayne's favorite directors. Hawkes left us a 12 page will to which we have added the Petition for Probate, a very detailed 4 page Inventory and Appraisement, 4 pages of interesting claims against the estate and lastly 2 pages of funeral info. 
GABBY HAYES     $10.00
One of our favorite cowboy side-kicks, and a highly requested file to boot. Included are Hayes' 5 page will, a 3 page Inventory and Appraisement, a single page Order Admitting Will & Letters Testamentary, and a copy of the death certificate. 
VAN HEFLIN     $15.00
Though Heflin never made it to "star" stature (too rumpled, too rough-cut, we're told) he was, nonetheless, exceptional in any role he chose to take on. In this 23 page file we offer his detailed 20 page will, the Letters Testamentary, and a creditor's claim showing the funeral expense.
PAUL HENREID     $10.00
Henreid was the last surviving cast member from CASABLANCA when he passed away in 1992. He left an 8 page will to which we add the published notice of death, Petition for Probate, Letters of Testamentary and a letter from a grandson who challenged the executor of the estate. 
JIM HENSON     $15.00
Another challenge by a customer that we were able to locate. At his untimely death in 1990, Henson left a fabulous 19 page will to which we add a single page Inventory and Appraisement (an overview) of the value of his estate as it existed in California. Also included is a 2 page Petition for Probate from Connecticut, where the probate action was filed. 
JON-ERIK HEXUM     $10.00
Hexum was an up-and-coming new TV personality when he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot (a stage pistol shooting blanks, no less) wound to the head, ending his life in 1984. Since he died intestate (without a will) we present a 2 page Petition for Probate, a waiver of claim to the estate by his father, an interesting 8 page final accounting of the estate, and a 2 page claim (and single page rejection) against the estate by the doctor who treated him after the accident, and his death certificate. Hexum's sizable autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
BENNY HILL     $10.00
The off-hand and deliciously risqu* English funny man left behind a three page will, to which we add the British Registry of Probate.
25 page will-extremely detailed will of the master of suspense. Truly a collector's item. Death certificate included. 
Sad. Sad. Sad. Sober for all those years, and then….. Probably best known for his supporting and character roles – typically lowlifes, bullies, and misfits, it’s nearly impossible for us to pick a favorite, though THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY and PUNCH DRUNK LOVE are right up there at the top. This 39 page file includes PSH’s will plus a slew of supporting probate documents.. NEW FILE
From Holden's sequestered probate file we have a 21 page will as well as a 5 page codicil (modification) to the original will. You can find Holden's highly detailed autopsy report elsewhere in our catalogues.
JOHN HOLMES     $15.00
Once estimating he'd had sex with over 10,000 women, Holmes (AKA Johnny Wadd) was truly a porn legend. Rumor has it that his life story was used as the basis for the film "Boogie Nights," his vices finally catching up with him in 1988 when he became an early victim of the AIDS virus. We offer his ten page will and codicil,  the Petition for Probate, the Inventory and Appraisement of his estate (less than $100) and an interesting 5 page petition by his wife, former porn star Misty Rains. 
BOB HOPE     $15.00
Hope was one of those wonderful guys you figured would be around forever. In partnership with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour, (whose wills we also offer) he appeared in the highly successful ROAD comedies that we still enjoy on the Late-Late Show.  We are pleased to offer his non-probated 13 page will and codicil, as well as the two-page death certificate.
Hopper was a one-of-a-kind bad boy at heart, a fine actor and sometimes director (did you ever see THE LAST MOVIE?) As he was slowly dying of cancer he decided to divorce his wife and update his Trust, in an attempt to prohibit the-soon-to-be ex from benefiting from the huge estate he was to leave behind. Let us just say that this is a HUGE file (113 pages, to be precise...), consisting of four documents, Hopper’s 7th and 8th amendments to his Trust, his wife’s creditor’s claim against the estate for $35 million (which includes a ton of interesting revelations about their marriage and finances) and finally, their prenup, which ties into Victoria Hopper’s creditor’s claim. This has become our single most favorite file in our collection. Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
JOHN HOUSEMAN     $15.00
The venerable Mr. Houseman, a mainstay in American Theatre as well as television (PLAYHOUSE 90 among others) left a highly-detailed 16 page will which he modified with a 4 page codicil. To this we add a rather enlightening 2 page Inventory and Appraisement. 
Howard, of THREE STOOGES fame left us a 3 page will and a sad yet interesting claim against his estate by an ex-wife. Also included is a check drawn by one Gertrude Howard, payable to Curly, with his endorsement, and a copy of the death certificate. 
LESLIE HOWARD     $20.00
One of the international screen's perfect Englishmen-gentle, quizzical, yet firm , most memorable in The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Petrified Forest, Pygmalion, Intermezzo, and of course, as Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind. Included in this 50 page file are his 4 page will, plenty of documents pertaining to personal effects in Hollywood and the UK, as well as claims, petitions and an inventory and appraisement of his estate.
MOE HOWARD     $15.00
Howard, also of THREE STOOGES fame, left a detailed 11 page will that Stooge fans will treasure. Also included are Letters of Testamentary as well as two pages of funeral information, and a copy of the death certificate.
SHEMP HOWARD     $15.00
Shemp is the last of the Howard boys in our collection. Unfortunately Mr. Howard died intestate, so our package includes a 2 page Petition for Letters of Administration, Order Appointing Administrator, a rather sad 4 page Inventory and Appraisement, and a 3 page Petition Establishing Death. Lastly, we include a 5 page Final Accounting of the estate which includes funeral information and a copy of the death certificate. 
ROCK HUDSON     $15.00
Easily one of our most controversial finds, copied from Hudson's sequestered file. 8 page will and 4 page codicil, plus Mark Christian's bizarre $10 million claim against the estate, the Petition for Probate, and a copy of Hudson's death certificate. 
An odd, single page hand-written page constitutes Hunter's entire will, but what makes this package interesting are the several claims against the estate (7 pages). Also included: Order Admitting Will and Letters of Administration, as well as the 2 page death certificate.