Famous Male Hollywood Stars
 Nelson Eddy  thru William Frawley
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NELSON EDDY     $15.00
Eddy was Jeanette MacDonald's partner in such wonderful films as NAUGHTY MARIETTA, ROSE MARIE and THE GIRL of the GOLDEN WEST, among others, and we are extremely pleased to have added both of their files to our catalogue. Eddy's will consists of 18 delicious pages, along with a codicil of 3 pages, to which we have added a 2 page Inventory and Appraisement of his estate.
The original Swashbuckler from silent film lore. 13 page will plus 3 pages of funeral info. Death certificate included. 
Forever the straight man to Groucho Marx on YOU BET YOUR LIFE, Fenneman himself became a classic. His 6 page will is also rather straight forward, and to it we add the 3 page Petition for Probate plus the Order For and Letters Of Probate, as well as a 4 page Inventory and Appraisement of his estate. 
CHRIS FARLEY     $10.00
Born Christopher Crosby Farley, the SNL big fella wanted to follow in his idol John Belushi's footsteps, and unfortunately got his wish. Farley died without leaving a will, but with an estate valued at $5 million based on these court documents. In this small but informative file we offer 8 pages which includes a petition, affidavit, court order, and waiver.
Farrell was one of the talkies first heart-throbs (sometimes paired with Janet Gaynor, elsewhere in our collection), and went on to star in TV's MY LITTLE MARGIE with Gail Storm. His will is a simple 3 pages with a 2 page codicil. 
W.C. FIELDS       $20.00
We've added another 24 pages to our original Fields file (now totaling 36 pages). Included are his 5 page will, (one of the most entertaining we've come across), Petitions, a court Order authorizing the exhumation of Field's remains that they could be cremated as specified in his will, and a fascinating Interrogatory of one of the witnesses to the signing of the will. Also included are Orders pertaining to the release of funds from the estate, a claim (rejected) by a woman claiming to be Field's wife by a marriage in 1900, plus a copy of Fields' death certificate. A very informative 
PETER FINCH       $10.00
Finch, possibly best remembered for his role as the crazy broadcaster in the film NETWORK left a 2 page English will to which we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate, a 6 page Inventory and Appraisement, a 2 page claim by his manager and lastly an interesting 3 page Order Appointing Administrator.
LARRY FINE     $15.00
We have had literally hundreds of requests for Mr. Fine's will, but because he died in conservatorship (after suffering several rather severe strokes) no will exists. What we present are the Nomination for Conservator (signed by Fine himself), the Letters of Conservatorship, a 3 page Inventory and Appraisement, the Petition for Conservatorship, a citation requesting Mr. Fine to present himself in court (and a letter from his physician explaining why Fine could not attend). Death certificate also included. An enlightening file. 
ERIC FLEMING      $20.00
In 1958, Fleming became the star of CBS-TV's long-running western RAWHIDE as trail boss Gil Favor. He filmed The GLASS BOTTOM BOAT in 1965 and contracted with MGM-TV to film the two-part adventure series HIGH JUNGLE in Peru. During location shooting on the Huallaga River on September 28, 1966, Fleming dove from a dug-out canoe after paddling it beyond the rapids. His body was lost in the turbulent water and was not recovered until three days later. The 40+ page file that we offer includes Fleming’s Will, several Probate filing documents, an Inventory and Appraisement of his estate, the Tax Appraiser’s evaluation of the estate, and the a report regarding the Final Distribution of assets.
ERROL FLYNN     $10.00
Flynn died in Canada, and what we have is the New York Surrogate Court copy of his 6 page will, as well as the order admitting a foreign will (drafted in Italy) in the New York and Los Angeles Courts. Death certificate included. 
JOE FLYNN     $10.00
Flynn, most notable for his role in McHALE'S NAVY as well as numerous Disney films, died tragically in a swimming pool accident in 1974. Included in this 22-page file are the single-page hand-written will, 4 pages of funeral info, numerous creditor's claims and a very detailed partial inventory and appraisement. 
HENRY FONDA     $10.00
A simple little 3 page will plus a 2 page codicil (modification) to the original will. Death certificate included. Daughter Jane Fonda's divorce file can be located elsewhere in our catalogues. 
BOB FOSSE     $15.00
That extraordinary writer, director, dancer and choreographer (and subject of the biopic ALL THAT JAZZ) left an incredibly benevolent 24 page will, with numerous mentions of former wife Gwen Verdon. One interesting point in this will is Fosse's bequest of $25,000 to unnamed friends and associates for "dinner on me." Also included are the death certificate and one page tax evaluation of Fosse's estate. This is the attorney's copy of the will, and does not contain Fosse's signature. 
REDD FOXX     $10.00
Pity poor Redd Foxx, on the road to financial recovery, and suffers a fatal heart attack on the set of his successful new TV show. Add to this thefact that he died intestate (without a will) and you have a real mess. What we present is a four page petition by his new wife to protect what little property was left after the IRS did their worst. Interesting petition.
This would have to be one of our favorite packages. Frawley left a simple2 page will, but that's just the beginning of this intriguing file. Included are a 2 page Petition for Probate, an attorney's claim against $125,000 of royalties from the I LOVE LUCY series, a very interesting 5 page petition to revoke the will by the conservator of Frawley's 2 brothers and 7 very detailed pages of Inventory and Appraisement. Lastly we have 6 pages of complete funeral information.