Famous Male Hollywood Stars
James Cagney thru Jimmy Durante
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JAMES CAGNEY     $15.00
Another customer request that took some time to track down, Cagney's will is just 4 pages. What makes this file so intriguing are the claims (9 pages) by Cagney's adopted daughter about the fact that a major portion of his estate was left to a husband and wife who were exercising control over Cagney in his last years. Also included are the four page Petition for Probate, a four page tax evaluation of the estate, plus a copy of the death record. 
JOHN CANDY     $20.00
The rotund Canadian funnyman, one of our favorites from SCTV, left behind a 7 page will and a 4 page codicil (both mentioning fellow SCTV alumni Eugene Levy) to which we add another 19 pages of Petitions, and Orders, both US and Canadian.
EDDIE CANTOR     $10.00
Cantor was one of the many talented vaudevillians who made a transition to film comedies. His will is 8 pages and was modified by a 2 page codicil, to which we add a 3 page claim for funeral expenses. Death certificate included. 
YAKIMA CANUTT     $10.00
The pioneer stuntmen who set the standard for all the fall guys who followed in his talented footsteps. His 1983 will is a simple 2 pages to which we add 13 pages of petitions, exhibits and court orders. 
FRANK CAPRA     $10.00
One of our favorite directors (IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE), Mr. Capra's 1991 will is 8 pages plus a 2 page Petition for Probate, a single page Order for Probate and a single page Letters of Testamentary.
ROGER C. CARMEL      $15.00
The rotund, handlebar mustachioed character actor was a familiar face on TV for almost three decades until his death in 1986. Our favorite role of Carmel's was as interstellar villain Harcourt Fenton Mudd on the original STAR TREK. This 28 page file shows that Carmel died without a will, but includes an inventory and appraisement of his estate, the disbursements made from the estate, and an interesting claim against the estate by the LA County Coronerís office for "transportation fees."
Carradine, he of KUNG FU and later KILL BILL fame, died of what is was considered to be auto-erotic asphyxiation during a film shoot in Thailand. This 31-page file includes Carradine’s 6-page last will and testament, several Petitions for Probate (the 1st of which incorrectly stating that he died intestate) Proof of Publication, Letters of Administration, and many pages describing the inventory and appraisal of his rather odd estate.  NEW FILE
LEO CARRILLO     $15.00
Carrillo first played Pancho to Duncan Renaldo's Cisco in a 1950 series of B Westerns, before achieving latter-day celebrity in the long-running television show THE CISCO KID. This 32-page file includes Carrillo's 7-page will, several creditor's claims, the Inventory and Appraisement of the estate, as well as the death certificate. 
JACK CARSON     $10.00
Carson, one of film's unsung funny men of the 40's &50's (who can forget Officer O'Hara in Frank Capra's ARSENIC AND OLD LACE?) left us a 6 page will to which we have added 2 pages of funeral information. 
Another of our hand-written wills, drawn in June of 1988. Cassavetes' rather terse, single page will is short and extremely to the point; also included are the single page Order for Probate, Letters of Testamentary, the 13 page Petition for Probate and, lastly, a copy of the death certificate.
Cassidy, the ex-husband of Shirley Jones (and father of singer David Cassidy) met a tragic end in an apartment fire in 1976.We present his very interesting 10 page will and 2 page codicil as well as the 2 page Petition for Probate and an extremely macabre claim against the estate for the fire damage tot he apartment in which Cassidy died. Two pages of funeral info also included.  Cassidy's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
JEFF CHANDLER     $15.00
Chandler died of blood poisoning in 1961 following surgery. His will is 5 pages to which we add the Petition for Probate, the Order Admitting his will, the Letters Testamentary and a detailed 6 page Inventory and Appraisement of the estate. Lastly, we also add 12 pages of claims pertaining to his last illness and 8 pages of claims for funeral expense. 
LON CHANEY, SR.     $10.00
The original Phantom of the Opera, known as the Man of a Thousand Faces in silent films. Chaney's 1930 will is 4 pages, and a very rare and valuable find. Included in this package is a copy of Chaney's death certificate.
This file, 100 page in length, is from Charlie Chaplin's 1926 divorce from Leta Gray .  Included are the original complaint (detailed beyond anything that you would expect, giving incredible insight into the sad lives of Chaplin and his child bride), the Interlocutory Judgment,  the Final Judgment, and a modification to the divorce decree. Chaplin's and Gray's signatures are scatted throughout these fascinating documents. Please note that due to its sheer size, this document cannot be used with our free wills deal. Our apologies. 
MD turned comedic actor? Yes, this is the rags to riches story of the boyish ex-medic who forsook forceps for fun. Chapman, of Britain's fabulous MONTY PYTHON left a simple one page will to which we add the British Grant for Probate. 
Until just recently considered to be a lost file in the New York Surrogate Courts. Included are the 5 page will, two page Notice of Probate, two page Petition for Probate and six interesting pages of tax appraisals of Clift's estate. The will in this file appears to be an attorney's copy and does not contain Clift's signature. 
LEE J. COBB     $15.00
Numerous requests inspired us to search out this wonderful character actor's last will and testament, which consists of 21 very detailed pages. An excellent addition to our collection. 
One of our absolute favorite character actors. Coburn left a detailed 6 page will, and a fabulous 6 page codicil (modification to the will) with numerous bequests and very specific funeral instructions. To these we have added 5 pages of funeral information and 4 pages of inventory and Appraisement. 
RUSS COLUMBO     $15.00
Singer Columbo, a major romantic idol in the early 1930's, was in the midst of a highly publicized romance with Carole Lombard when he was killed in a bizarre shooting "accident" in 1934 at the age of 26. Columbo died intestate, though this 22-page file includes the probate filing, creditor's claims, a great Inventory and Appraisement of the estate (which included Carole Lombard's diary "of great value, amount unknown"), as well as the death certificate. 
Some folks will tell you that Conrad will be best remembered for the TV series CANNON, and perhaps radio fans knew him best for his10-year run as Matt Dillon on GUNSMOKE. We here at the Archive, however, will always remember him most fondly as the narrator of the ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE TV cartoons. Conrad's will and 3 codicils total 13 pages, to which we add the 2 page Petition for Probate, as well as a 2 page Inventory and Appraisement.
PETER COOK     $10.00
Simply one of Britain's best (and unfortunately all too often overlooked) comedians. As one of the three stars of the London and New York revues Beyond the Fringe and Beyond the Fringe '64 (along with pal Dudley Moore, later teamed in the ordinal BEDAZZLED), Cook was introduced to an international audience.  This small but telling file includes Cook's 6 page will, along with the British Grant for Probate. 
GARY COOPER     $15.00
The "quiet guy" left a super 16 page will plus 2 pages of petitions. Death certificate included. 
JACKIE COOPER     $15.00
Cooper was one of the youngsters in Hal Roach’s early OUR GANG comedies, and was the first child actor to ever receive an Academy Award nomination. Cooper’s will is 9 pages, to which we add 12 pages of filings, including the Notice of Probate, Petition to Administer Estate, Inventory & Appraisal of the Estate, and a very interesting Report of Distribution for the estate.    NEW FILE
LOU COSTELLO     $15.00
Costello worked as a carpenter at MGM and Warners before teaming with Bud Abbott, forming their famous comedy team. Their 1941 movie BUCK PRIVATES with the Andrews Sisters, grossed what was then a company record $10 million, and in 1942 they topped a poll of Hollywood stars. We offer Costello's 11 page will, plus 4 pages of funeral information and the death certificate. 
NOEL COWARD     $10.00
Noel Pierce Coward was an English playwright, actor, and master technician of the theater. Many of his nearly 60 plays, especially his sentimental and patriotic pieces and his witty drawing-room comedies, were frequently filmed and are often revived. His will is seven pages, plus a 2 page translated extract and the Grant for Probate. 
WALLY COX     $10.00
The legendary MR. PEEPERS, who later in life found fame and fortune as a HOLLYWOOD SQUARE. A simple 5 page will with a 2 page codicil (modification). Also included are a single page Letters of Testamentary, an enlightening 7 page Inventory & Appraisement, and a claim by a previous wife as well as a claim by Cox' Manager for commissions due. 
BUSTER CRABBE     $10.00
The original (and in our book, the only) FLASH GORDON. This simple file contains Crabbe's 5 page 1964 will, plus the Letters Testamentary, the Appointment of Personal Representative, and the Closing Statement, settling the estate.
BOB CRANE     $15.00
Crane, of HOGAN'S HEROES fame was murdered in Scottsdale AZ, in 1978, and the case remains unsolved. Included in this file are Crane's 22-page will, 3 page codicil (modification), and a 3 page Inventory and Appraisement, as well as the death certificate. Crane's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues 
LAIRD CREGAR     $10.00
Cregar is another one of our favorite bad guys and great character actors of the 30's-40's. Mr. Cregar's 1944 will is 5 pages, and included are a 2 page Petition for Probate as well as 2 pages of funeral information, plus the death certificate. 
BING CROSBY     $10.00
Another highly requested and very interesting file. Crosby died on a golf course in Spain (his idea of heaven, we suppose) in 1977, and his file consists of the 9 page will and a rather detailed 4 page Petition for Probate. Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, Crosby's partners in crime in Paramount's ROAD pictures, can also be found in our catalogues. 
"Love that Bob," as the title of his TV show suggested. Cummings was a popular leading man in light comedies, usually playing well-meaning, pleasant, but somewhat bumbling young men. We, however, remember him at his best in Hitchcock's SABOTEUR, and later on TV in LOVE THAT BOB (aka) THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW. This 17 page package includes his 4 page will, the Petition for Probate, Declinations by all of his children to act as executor to the estate, the Certificate of Assignment for the probate action, the final discharge, and lastly, the death certificate.
A mainstay in the Hammer Horror films of the 60's, Cushing made a lasting impression as an evil doer in the STAR WARS trilogy. He left behind a simple 3 page will (but lots of bequests) plus the British Grant for Probate. 
Dangerfield's comedic success came relatively late in his life, after spending years as both a singing waiter and an aluminum siding salesman before finally hitting his stride in the late '60s and early '70s. It took some serious digging, but we found Rodney’s final Trust document, which consists of 51 very detailed pages. To this we add another 22 pages of documents pertaining to the protection of the intellectual property within the Trust. This is a great file, and includes Dangerfield’s death certificate. Please note that due to its sheer size, this document cannot be used with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
SAMMY DAVIS, JR.     $10.00
A 9 page will plus a one page witness to the signing of the will. An extremely interesting will, in light of what happened to the estate after the IRS got hold of it. 
JAMES DEAN     $15.00
Dean unfortunately died intestate. What we present are 20 pages of petitions, letters, personal property inventories, as well as a copy of the death certificate. Also included in this interesting file (all of public record) are a copy of Dean's accident report, and the findings of the coroner.
CECILB. DeMILLE     $10.00
The famed Hollywood director and producer left a 17 page will. Very detailed and enlightening. 
JOHN DEREK     $10.00
Derek was an actor, director, producer, cinematographer, and husband to a handful of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen. His rather sparse probate file (Derek dies intestate, thus, no will) is 15 pages in length, and includes the signature of Bo Derek. Death certificate also included.
"CURLY" JOE DeRITA     $15.00
DeRita was truly the last of the Three Stooges. What we offer is a fifteen page conservatorship file, outlining DeRita's wife and sons' petition to manage his minimal estate after he was felled by multiple strokes. Stoogefans will find this file enlightening.. 
ANDY DEVINE     $10.00
Another of the great cowboys in our collection. Devine's will is detailed and 11 pages long. Also included is the 2 page Petition for Probate and single page Letters of Testamentary. 
WALT DISNEY     $15.00
Honestly a great film buff's collectors item. 15 page will plus a single page Order Admitting the will as well as a single page witness to the signing of the will. Death certificate included. 
DIVINE    $10.00
Twisted as we may seem, Divine (given name Harris Glenn Milstead) was always one of our favorite "off the wall" performers. Divine starred in such memorable films as MONDO TRASHO, FEMALE TROUBLE, LUST IN THE DUST and the perennial favorite PINK FLAMINGOS. Divine died intestate, so we offer 6 pages of petitions pertaining to his (her?) estate, plus the 2-page death certificate. Divine's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
BRIAN DONLEVY     $10.00
An odd file to say the least (Bela Lugosi, Jr. was appointed Executor of the Estate at Donlevy's request). Included are the 3 page will, Declaration of Publication, a 6 page accounting and report from the executor, and a Letter of Notice for Petition for Probate (signed by Lugosi). Death certificate also included. 
The talented leading man and sometimes character actor left a 9 page will, which we supplement with a single page evaluation of his estate, plus a copy of the death certificate. 
PETE DUEL     $15.00
Duel was a rising TV star whose life ended with a bullet on New Years Eve 1971 "possibly" a suicide. His 2 page will is scribbled on apiece of note paper, but what rounds out this file are the numerous claims against the estate (for funeral expense, monetary relief for injury and more). Over 20 pages of documents make this a fascinating file. Duel's autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues 
JIMMY DURANTE     $10.00
Durante's 14 page will (with a rather sad, telling signature) as well as a single page Inventory and Appraisement of the estate. You still out there Mrs. Calabash?