Famous Male Hollywood Stars

Don Adams  thru Richard Burton

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DON ADAMS     $15.00
The genius of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry  put Don Adams on the map when they cast him in their GET  SMART television project, one that truly was an instant success. This 15-page file includes Adams' last will and testament, a codicil, the Petition and Order for Probate, Letters Testamentary and the Proof of Publication. Sorry about that, Chief. 
Adams, probably best remembered as Johnny Yuma of THE REBEL TV series, died in 1968 due to an overdose of drugs he was taking for a nervous disorder. There are some (as mentioned in his autopsy report, located elsewhere in our catalogues) that believe that foul play was possibly involved in his untimely demise. This extensive 44 page file includes Adams' will, several claims against the estate (including detailed claims for funeral expense),  an abbreviated Inventory and Appraisement, as well as the death certificate.
Another customer request. Alexander was a popular film star in the 30's until he ended his own life with a gun in 1937. Alexander left no will, but what we offer are 14 pages of claims (some showing funeral expense), a tax appraisal of the estate and the published notice to creditors. An interesting find. 
DON AMECHE     $10.00 
The wonderful Don Ameche was a member of the old guard with a career in films spanning more than 50 years and had recently found a new audience with such films as TRADING PLACES, THINGS CHANGE, and FOLKS. When he died in late 1993 he left a 6 page will to which we have added a 4 page petition by his son. 
DANA ANDREWS     $15.00
Andrews was a certified movie star, yet by the end of his life he enjoyed little of the artistic acclaim laid at the feet of the men who had directed him. Once President of the Screen Actors Guild, he spoke out against the degradation of the acting profession, particularly actresses doing nude scenes just to land a role. His will is 26 pages, which includes a three page codicil. Additionally included are the Petition for Probate and a 5 page Inventory and Appraisement of the estate. 
Silent film great, who was left ruined by his sensationalized trial in the "party death" of starlet Virginia Rapp. A simple but interesting 13 page file, showing Arbuckle to have died without a will and essentially penniless. 
DESI ARNAZ     $15.00
Added to compliment our Lucille Ball package, Arnaz left a 5 page will. Additionally, we have included a 2 page Petition for Probate, Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill's Disclaimer of Gift, an 8 page "Advice of Proposed Action", and lastly, a 3 page Petition for Final Distribution and a copy of the death certificate. We have added the Desi Arnaz-Lucille Ball divorce file, under Odds & Ends: Divorces. 
FRED ASTAIRE     $15.00
An intriguing 5 page will plus a very enlightening 13 page petition and accounting, showing the value of the estate at Astaire's death, as well as a copy of the death certificate.
LIONEL ATWILL     $10.00
One of our favorite bad guys from horror and mystery films of the 30's & 40's. Atwill's 1945 will is 4 pages and with it we include 2 pages of funeral info, as well as a copy of the death certificate.

MARTIN BALSAM     $10.00
The multi-faceted character actor died while on holiday in Rome in 1996. Mr. Balsam's 1986 will consists of 17 pages, plus a 3 page codicil and a copy of "Report Of The Death Of An American Citizen Abroad," filed by the U.S. Embassy in Rome disclosing the cause of death. Balsam's daughter was once married to George Clooney. You can find their complete divorce file here.

5 page will plus 2 pages of funeral info. A Barrymore fans' collector's item. Death certificate included. 
4 page will plus 4 pages of interesting info (including a claim by MGM's Louis B. Mayer). 
WALLACE BEERY     $10.00
Another MGM great. Very detailed 17 page will, plus a copy of the death certificate. 
RALPH BELLAMY     $15.00
The extraordinary character actor (whose career was reignited after appearing in John Landis' TRADING PLACES starring opposite Eddie Murphy and Don Ameche) left behind a very detailed 27 page will with many enlightening bequests.
JOHN BELUSHI     $15.00
Belushi's wordy 22- page will (of public record) covers every conceivable angle, setting up numerous trusts for his even more numerous heirs. Also included is a copy of his death certificate. You can find Belushi's highly detailed autopsy report elsewhere in our catalogues.
The fabulous character actor from the 40's and later star of LIFE of RILEY. Bendix' generous will is 8 pages long, plus a 2 page codicil. Also included are a 5 page Inventory & Appraisement, a claim by his management company, the order admitting the will and Letters of Testamentary. Death certificate included. 
JACK BENNY     $15.00
Entertaining 29 page will plus a one page witness to the signing of the will. Death certificate included. 
EDGAR BERGEN     $10.00
A simple yet intriguing 3 page will plus a 2 page codicil to the original will. Additionally we present the courts' appraisal of Bergan's fascinating theatrical assets, including Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd, of course. Letters of Administration included. 
Certainly the king of the "All Singing-All Talking-All Dancing" musicals of the 30's, Berkeley's 1971 will is 3 short but sweet pages. Included in this file are the 2 page Petition For Probate, a rather sad 3 page Inventory and Appraisement, and a single page claim for funeral costs. 
MILTON BERLE     $15.00
Uncle Miltie left a will but to date it has not seen the light of a probate court. However, for some reason his Trust agreement (drafted in conjunction with his wife Lorna) was presented recently to the Probate Division of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, and so we present the same document to you. The 32 page document contains the original Trust as well as 4 amendments, with Berle’s signature sadly showing increased deterioration in each successive amendment.
JOEY BISHOP     $20.00
Sonofagun. When Rat Packer Bishop died in 2007, he had left certain written instruments indicating that his Newport Beach home was to be given to his long-time golfing buddy and eventual companion Nora Garibotti. When this did not come to pass, Ms. Garibotti sued Bishop’s attorneys and executor of his estate to get what was rightfully hers. This 75+ page file includes her suit, a copy of Bishop’s amended trust, and the hand-written instructions he left regarding his estate. This is a very unique file!        Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
MEL BLANC     $15.00
"The Man of A Thousand Voices", and Warner Bros.' greatest unseen star. Blanc's 1980 will is 11 pages, with a 3 page 1983 codicil. Two page Petition for Probate also included.
DAN BLOCKER     $15.00
Big Dan Blocker played the character HOSS on TV's durable western BONANZA. His will consists of 13 pages to which we have added a2 page claim for $691,000 by none other than his co-star Lorne Greene, as well as 4 pages of funeral information. 
Bogie left behind a 13 page will to which we have added the petition by wife Lauren Bacall to the courts that she be allowed to decline executrix duties to the estate. Also included in this file of documents (all public information) is Bogart's death certificate. 
RAY BOLGER     $10.00
Surely one of Hollywood's best song & dance men, probably best known as the SCARECROW from The WIZARD OF OZ. Bolger's will is 10 pages long and is very generous with its bequests. Also included is a 2 page Petition for Probate and 2 pages of funeral information. 
WARD BOND     $10.00
Bond, one of our favorite cowboy/character actors (remember WAGON TRAIN?), left a short 3 page will, with one of his bequests going to his friend John Wayne. Included in this package are a 2 page Petition for Probate, a 1 page Inventory and Appraisement, and 2 pages of funeral information.
STEPHEN BOYD     $10.00
Stage, screen, radio, and television actor, probably best remembered for his role in BEN HUR. Boyd left a simple 3 page will, which we supplemented with the Order for Probate, Letters of Testamentary, the Inventory and Appraisement of the estate, plus a petition to compromise litigation against the estate and the death certificate. 

WILLIAM BOYD     $10.00
We were challenged by a customer to find the last will & testament of HOPALONG CASSIDY, and are pleased to have it in our collection. Boyd's will is 4 interesting pages, and to round out the package we have added the 3 page Petition for Probate and a 6 page Petition for Preliminary Disposition plus a copy of the death certificate. 

CHARLES BOYER     $15.00
Known as one of the screen's great lovers, Boyer committed suicide a few days after the death of his wife. We offer a 25 page file which includes his will, codicil, both (in French, with English translations) petitions for probate, and an evaluation of his estate. 

Arguably “the greatest actor of all time,” Brando was often imitated, but never duplicated. Though he made less than 50 films in a career that spanned just over 50 years, Brando was credited for bringing “real” acting to his film and stage roles. This wonderful 40 page file includes his last will and testament and codicil thereto, the Petition for Probate, the Notice of Publication, Waivers (one signed by his son, Christian Brando) and other documents which place the value of his estate at in excess of $21 million. 

GEORGE BRENT     $15.00
Playing opposite all of Warner's greatest actresses, including Barbara Stanwyck, Olivia de Havilland, and (his rumored long-time lover) Bette Davis, the suave, generally gallant Brent was typically cast as a gentlemanly, romantic leading man. Brent died intestate, but we offer 25+ pages of probate documents pertaining to his estate, including an appraisal of same.
LLOYD BRIDGES     $15.00
Bridges, a small screen star of giant proportions, starred  in 50's SEA HUNT, the country's most successful syndicated show. Bridges worked right to the end, winning even more new fans with his spoofy portrayals in the AIRPLANE and HOT SHOTS films. His will is 10 pages, to which we add an additional 12 pages of petitions, and an initial (partial) inventory of his estate.

JOE E. BROWN     $10.00
ALIBI IKE himself. Brown is certainly one of films' more underrated funnymen (and a heck of an acrobat to boot). We have his 9 page will plus the 2 page petition for probate. 

Browne assembled a rather impressive body of work on stage, screen and television, and was once described as having "a baritone voice like a sable coat." Mr. Browne died intestate, but this 45 page file includes the Petition for Probate (which also indicates the value of the estate) plus a large creditor’s claim filed by Laurence Fishburne, the gentleman who stepped up and covered the bulk of Browne’s last illness and funeral cost. The breakdown of Fishburne’s claim makes for a fascinating new file.   NEW FILE
TOD BROWNING     $15.00
As a director Browning had at least 25 unimportant productions until his first success with THE UNHOLY THREE, followed in 1931 when he directed Bela Lugosi in DRACULA and in 1932 by FREAKS. Once dubbed "the Edgar Allan Poe of the cinema," his 26 page file includes his 1962 will and codicil (loaded with bequests), petitions, and a very thorough inventory and appraisement of Browning's estate. Death certificate included. 
YUL BRYNNER     $15.00
Brynner, probably best known for his unforgettable role in THE KING AND I, left behind a generous 15 page will with several interesting bequests. Also included is a fascinating 8 page transcript regarding a sizable trust for two of Brynner's adopted children, complicated by the fact that the children were adopted in France and that Brynner was a Swiss citizen. Interesting reading. 
GEORGE BURNS     $15.00
Just about the last of the vaudeville originals, Burns' 1995 will (drafted one year before his death at 100 years) is 10 pages, to which we add the 6 page Petition to Administer Estate, 2 page Petition for Probate, the Letters Testamentary, and 2 page Notice to Creditors. This a file we thought would never make it to Probate, so our researchers were truly excited to find it. 
RAYMOND BURR     $15.00
Burr, (PERRY MASON, REAR WINDOW, and countless other character roles) left a 9 page will, leaving everything to his long-time companion, actor Robert Benevides, while disinheriting his brother and sister. Also included are the 3 page Petition for Probate, plus several pages of creditor's claims for his last illness. 
Hard-drinking, hard-loving and twice married to Elizabeth Taylor (no small fete in itself) Burton was an actor of extreme dimension. His last will and testament is 11 detailed pages in length, to which we add the British Grant for Probate.