Famous Female Hollywood Stars
Gilda Radner thru Natalie Wood
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Our personal favorite of the original SNL crew, who lost her life to cancer in 1989. Gilda's 16 page will gives us a real inside look into this fine lady's life, which we augment with a very detailed seven page Inventory and Appraisement, as well as Distribution Receipts (for bequests from the estate) signed by her brother Michael and husband Gene Wilder. Petition for Probate as well as the death certificate also included. An excellent file. 
MARTHA RAYE   $15.00
Miss Raye spent her last years in a messy conservatorship involving her last husband (33 years her junior, who she loved deeply) and her daughter (who Raye stated was only after her money). This 22-page file contains several signed statements from Miss Raye, her husband Mark Harris, the daughter Melodye Condos, Raye's doctor, and the judge who finally granted conservatorship to one of Raye's CPA's. 
DONNA REED   $15.00
Everyone's favorite TV mom, bar none, and a fine dramatic film actress in her day. Miss Reed's will consists of 9 pages, and to this we add an enlightening 7 page petition by her husband outlining the assets of her estate. Lastly is a 3 page Spousal Property Order. Death certificate included. 
LEE REMICK   $10.00
Miss Remick's generous will is 9 pages in length, and included are a claim for last illness expense as well as a claim by her business manager for commissions due. Death certificate included. 
A member of the Redgrave family, the strikingly good-looking actress was the daughter of actress Vanessa Redgrave and director/producer Tony Richardson, and wife to Liam Neeson. Neeson was her choice to be the executor of the estate, along with actor Aiden Quinn. This 35 page file includes her 21 page last will and testament, an initial appraisal of the estate, decree admitting the will to probate, notice of probate, and a copy of the death certificate. NEW FILE
ESTHER ROLLE     $10.00
Probably best remembered for her portrayal of Florida Evans on television's GOOD TIMES, plus numerous character roles, Miss Rolle died in 1998 after a 50 year acting career. This 20 page file consists of Miss Rolle's 4 page will, the Inventory and Appraisement of her estate, Letters of and Order For Probate,  plus several creditor's claims. Death certificate also included. 
Another customer request that we were finally able to locate. Miss Russell's will is surprisingly short (3 pages), but we have also included the single page Order for Probate, the 2 page Inventory and Appraisement and lastly an interesting 3 page claim against the estate for an uncompleted book by Miss Russell. 
It was her role on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND as "Eunice 'Lovey' Wentworth Howell" wife of multi-millionaire Thurston Howell III, that Natalie Schafer will always be remembered for. Her will (loaded with generous bequests), is 17 pages, plus a hand written, single page codicil that was drafted the day of her death. Petition for Probate also included. 
This star of the 30's and 40's and wife of MGM legend Irving Thalberg left behind a 6 page will plus a single page affidavit. Also included is a detailed 5 page Community Property Petition. Another customer challenge.
ANN SHERIDAN     $10.00
Sheridan became a Paramount contract player at the tender age of 19. Known as the "Oomph Girl", a nickname she truly hated, she became one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood, her beauty making her a favorite pin-up girl. Our personal favorite of her roles was in I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE, starring with Cary Grant. When she died in 1967, Miss Sheridan left behind a seven page will to which we add several other documents from her probate file.
Another of our favorite actresses, Miss Stanwyck's will consists of 4 simple pages, to which we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate and single page Order for Probate. Death certificate also included. 
Stevens was an up and coming film & TV star until her suicide in 1970; though she died intestate, we present a substantial 25 page file, including inventories & appraisements, very interesting claims against the estate, and documents regarding the battle between her husband and the Public Administrator over the estate. Two page death certificate also included. 
Stratten was a Playboy centerfold and the subject of Bob Fosse's STAR 80. She died of gun shot wounds at the hands of her estranged husband, before he turned the gun on himself. Though she died intestate, this is a very intriguing file (23 total pages) including a claim by her husband's estate, declarations, petitions, objections, inventories, and finally, death certificates for both parties. 
Swanson was one of the great ladies of silent films (and a mistress to Joseph Kennedy in the twenties), and later resurfaced as the slightly deranged silent screen star Norma Desmond in the powerful film SUNSET BOULEVARD. Included in this package are her simple 3 page will with 2 page codicil, 12 detailed pages outlining the value of her estate, a 2 page Decree of Divorce from husband William Davey in 1948, and lastly a copy of the death certificate. 
SHARON TATE   $15.00
Easily one of our strangest finds. Miss Tate died (intestate) at the hands of the infamous Manson family in August of 1969. What we present are 7 pages of letters (one from spouse Roman Polanski to the courts), petitions, a very macabre claim against the estate, and lastly a copy of the two-page death certificate. Sharon Tate's autopsy file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
THELMA TODD   $15.00
"The Ice Cream Blonde" died in 1935 of carbon monoxide poisoning, with a Grand Jury split as to whether she committed suicide or was murdered. Her 1933 will is 2 pages, short and to the point, to which we add the Petition for Probate, Letters Testamentary, a very detailed Inventory and Appraisement of her estate, and 4 random creditors claims. The fascinating Coroner's Inquest (125 pages!) into Miss Todd's untimely demise can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
LANA TURNER     $20.00
We knew Miss Turner's estate would have to hit probate sooner or later. Because daughter Cheryl Crane felt she was dealt with unfairly, being essentially disinherited from Turner's estate, she petitioned the courts to get a bigger slice of the pie. Carman Cruz, Turner's maid and companion (and the only other beneficiary of her Trust) doesn't see it that way. Because of their legal wranglings, the Trust has been thrown into probate, and thus has become public information. We offer nearly 70 pages which includes the Trust and its three amendments, and incredibly detailed inventory of assets, as well as the filings by Crane and Cruz. Turner's death certificate also included. 
With the addition of Miss Vance's 4 page will we complete our I LOVE LUCY collection. Also included are a 3 page Petition for Probate, single page of Letters Testamentary, and a copy of the death certificate. 
LUPE VELEZ   $15.00
Miss Velez was one of Hollywood's strangest and most famous suicides. She prepared a very thorough 9 page will, but what adds interest to this file are the 17 pages of petitions, bizarre claims against the estate, court orders, copies of cancelled checks, appraisal of the estate and her death certificate. A great file and another customer request. 
VERA-ELLEN   $10.00
The sweetheart of 40's American cinema left a fairly standard 4 page will plus an interesting single (handwritten) page codicil. Additionally we offer the 3 page Petition for Probate, single page Letters, Order for Probate, and Inventory and Appraisement, plus a 2 page claim for funeral expense. Another customer request. 
MAE WEST   $10.00
Another favorite. A 12 page will plus an enlightening 4 page petition and a sizable claim against the estate by her companion at her death. 
From Miss Wood's sequestered file we offer the 19 page will, 3 pages of very interesting funeral info, 2 pages of Petitions and Letters, as well as a copy of her death certificate. Wood's highly-detailed 29 page autopsy report can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.