High-Profile Autopsy Files
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NICK ADAMS     $20.00
Adams, probably best remembered as Johnny Yuma of THE REBEL TV series, died in 1968 due to an overdose of drugs he was taking for a nervous disorder. There are some (as mentioned in this report) that believe that foul play was possibly involved in his untimely demise. This 50-plus page autopsy report and inquiry is incredibly thorough, not missing a single detail of the investigation. Death certificate also included. Adams' probate file (including his will) can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
STEVE ALLEN     $15.00
 Steverino was indeed among the “who's who in comedy," having piloted the original late-night talk show TONIGHT! from 1953 to 1956. Allen was involved in what was described as a minor auto accident in 2000, after which he continued on to his son’s home. Shortly after his arrival he excused himself and adjourned to the restroom, but checking on him after he did not return, his son found him unconscious and unresponsive; Steve Allen died some forty minutes after the accident. We offer the Los Angeles County Coroner’s highly detailed 32 page autopsy report, as well as his death certificate.
PIER ANGELI   $10.00
Born Anna Maria Pierangeli, Miss Angeli is truly one of Hollywood's lost beauties, having succumbed to a barbiturate overdose at age 39. Her all but forgotten film career was far from extraordinary, and her marriage to Vic Damone a failure, possibly adding to her early demise. We offer her 16 page autopsy and coroner's reports, which include detailed toxicological results. 
Bakley was gunned down outside a Los Angeles restaurant when she had just finished having dinner with her husband, actor Robert Blake. Blake reportedly first met Bakley at a local nightclub and they began a casual romantic relationship; they married in 2000 only after paternity tests confirmed that Blake was the father of her infant daughter Rose. Bakley also had been carrying on an affair with Christian Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando; The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Autopsy Report that we provide is 30 very thorough and detailed pages in length.
One of the original members of SNL's NOT READY FOR PRIME-TIME PLAYERS, John Belushi's incredibly detailed 37 page autopsy report leaves very little to the imagination. This is partially due to the fact that the Los Angeles County Coroner's office was under intense scrutiny at the time, and they were going to cover all their bases to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Death Certificate included. Belushi's Last Will and Testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
Bergman was one of the busiest and best voice artists in animated film, and will forever be remembered for her wonderful characterizations on SOUTH PARK. She suffered from life-long depression that she kept hidden from even her closest friends and family until she committed suicide with a 12-gauge shotgun wound to the head.
TOMMY BOYCE   $10.00
Boyce, one-half of the song-writing team of Boyce & Hart (probably best known for their creative association with THE MONKEES) commited suicide after suffering bouts of depression and then a brain aneurysm. We offer the 10 page medical examiner’s autopsy report, which includes a mention of Boyce’s suicide notes, in which he “indicated a desire to go be with Elvis and Del Shannon.”
Jonathon Brandis (SEAQUEST DSV, NEVERENDING STORY II) had developed quite the cult following prior to his suicide by hanging in 2003. Baffled as to what would have led up to his untimely demise at the age of 27 (no prior attempts, no drug use, social drinker, no money problems, no suicide note), Los Angeles County Coroner's Investigators were left without that answer. The 17 page autopsy report we offer does give us their complete findings on a medical level, as well as the investigator's findings.
LENNY BRUCE   $10.00
It was a muggy summer day in August of 1966 when comedian Lenny Bruce departed this mortal coil, the victim of acute morphine poisoning by accidental overdose. This 14-page autopsy is extremely detailed as to the death scene and the results of the autopsy results themselves. The death certificate is also included. Bruce's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
SUSAN CABOT      $15.00
We'll always remember Susan Cabot for her sterling turn as the WASP WOMAN ("A beautiful woman by day - a lusting queen wasp by night") in Roger Corman's 1960 film of the same name . Cabot met her untimely end at the hands of her son, who bludgeoned the one time Universal contract actress to death as she slept, then ransacked the home to make it appear that there had been a burglary. He was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.  This 23 page autopsy report contains the usual amount of excellent detail you would expect of the LA County Coroner's office, which also includes anatomical drawings of the victim, descriptions of the crime scene and events that led up to Cabot's death. 
Capote was the darling of the New York literary and social scene until he turned on even his closest friends, including them as thinly disguised characters in his novel in progress, ANSWERED PRAYERS, which was still unfinished when he died in 1984.We now offer his highly detailed 35 page autopsy, which includes his 2-page death certificate. Capote's will is included in our main catalogue.
A sad but telling document, this 1983 report is 24 pages in length, and makes a worthwhile addition to Ms. Carpenter's will, found in the Musician section of this catalogue. Included in this report are the toxicological findings and psychological autopsy information pertaining to her untimely and tragic demise. Copy of the death certificate also included. 
Cassidy, the ex-husband of Shirley Jones (and father of singer David Cassidy) met a tragic death at age 49 in an apartment fire in 1976. We offer his 16 page autopsy, wherein he is originally referred to as a “John Doe” until his identity was confirmed through dental records. Cassidy's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
If we had to pick a favorite of the old-school porn actresses, it would certainly have to be Marilyn Chambers, the one-time Ivory Snow girl (99 & 44/100% pure!) and young star of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. We offer her detailed (she was found with a dog’s chew-bone on her stomach…how’s that for details?) 22-page autopsy report.
Lana Clarkson was a beautiful bit-part film actress, whose life came to an abrupt conclusion at the end of record producer Phil Spector’s Colt Cobra .38. Our favorite of her roles? Her brief appearance in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, as Mr. Vargas’ very hot wife. But we digress… This 50+ page file is as thorough as they come, considering the fact that a murder trial was involved, and Spector’s freedom hanging in the balance.
SAM COOKE   $25.00
Cooke continues to be a favorite R & B and soul artist, some forty years after his shooting death at the hands of a motel manager. This HUGE 70+ page file includes the complete autopsy report plus the fascinating narrative of the Coroner’s Inquisition held several days after the autopsy. Also included with this file is Cooke’s death certificate. You can find Sam Cooke’s probate file elsewhere in our catalogues. Please note that due to its sheer size, this document cannot be used with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
DON CORNELIUS     $15.00
No matter the color of your skin, if you were young, and at least somewhat hip  in the 70’s and 80’s, (and even into the 90’s) you watched SOUL TRAIN, Don Cornelius’s crowning creation. Poor health and depression led Cornelius to take his own life via hand gun, and we offer the Los Angeles County Coroner’s complete autopsy report, a total of 22 pages.
BOB CRANE     $10.00
Crane, of HOGAN'S HEROES fame was murdered in Scottsdale AZ, in 1978, a case that remains unsolved. In this file we offer the seven page Maricopa County (AZ) Medical Examiner's autopsy report, as well as the death certificate. Crane's extensive probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
Rumors abounded in September 1965 when actress Dandridge died, first said to have been killed by a bone splinter in her bloodstream, and then (according to the LA County Coroner) that she was the victim of an accidental barbiturate overdose, most likely a suicide. This 60-plus page report is incredibly detailed, one of the most thorough we have in our collection. Death certificate included. 
ALBERT DEKKER     $15.00
Dekker often played aggressive character roles, and was memorable as the double-crossing gang leader in the 1946 classic THE KILLERS (though our personal favorite of his many films would have to be DR. CYCLOPS). Dekker died a most bizarre death, have been found in his bathtub bound, gagged, and with numerous obscene words written in several places on his body. This very strange (and very detailed) autopsy report is 12 pages in length. 
JOHN DENVER   $15.00
Mechanical failure was cited as the cause of the airplane crash that killed musician John Denver in October '97. We offer the Monterey County (CA) Coroner's incredibly detailed 20 page postmortem examination, the Coroner's investigation and report as well as the toxicology findings. A highly requested file!
DIVINE     $10.00
Always one of our favorites in any number of John Water's films, Divine (Harris Glen Milstead) was a mere 42 years of age when he (she?) died in his sleep in 1988. The LA County Coroner's autopsy report is 15 pages, to which we add the 2-page death certificate. Divine's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
PETE DUEL   $15.00
Duel was a rising 31 year old television star when he apparently took his own life on New Year's Eve 1971. We now offer his frequently requested 16 page autopsy report, in addition to his will which can be found in our main catalogue.
Dominique Dunne (POLTERGEIST),  sister of actor Griffin Dunne and daughter of novelist Dominick Dunne, was truly just beginning her film career when she was strangled by a jealous boyfriend in 1982.  This 21 page autopsy report is complete as you can imagine, and includes the death certificate. Ms. Dunne's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
BOBBY FULLER     $15.00
Bobby Fuller was enjoying considerable success with his recording of "I Fought The Law” when he was found dead in his car in July of 1966, parked in front of his Hollywood apartment. Various reports say his body was beaten and a gasoline soaked rag was stuffed in his mouth, but the autopsy report that we offer does not really support either claim. This detailed report is 15 pages in length, to which we add Fuller’s death certificate.
Insiders have said that it was just a matter of time until The Grateful Dead's Garcia was going to just plain wear out. His 8 page autopsy and coroner's report leaves very little unanswered about the details of his death at age 53. Also included is the two page death certificate. Garcia's last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
MAURICE GIBB     $20.00
One of the Brothers Gibb (later shortened to simply Bee Gees) and twin to brother to Robin, Gibb had complained of abdominal pains, was admitted to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage in January of 2003. This blockage later proved to be a twisted, or rotated, small intestine, and figured significantly in his death. This 50+ page file is as complete and definitive as they get, and covers virtually every aspect of the autopsy. An excellent file.
The Australian (who was actually English) actor’s career was doing quite well (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, TV’s JAG) but his personal life appeared to be in shambles. The 21 page Los Angels County Coroner’s autopsy that we provide illustrates many of his personal problems and prior heavy drug use, and how this nasty little habit resulted in his accidental overdose. Death certificate included.
Thirty year-old Sandra Goodspeed changed her first name to Paula, an homage to Paula Abdul whom she idolized and then stalked for three years following a disastrous AMERICAN IDOL audition, even going as far as to have “Paula Abdul” tattooed on the interior of her lower lip. After hundreds of letters, phone calls and uninvited visits to her, Goodspeed finally took her own life via drug overdose outside Abdul’s Sherman Oak’s home. We offer the highly-detailed 20-page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy report.
Probably more sad and tragic than Phil Hartman's autopsy report is that of Brynn Hartman, his wife (widow) and murderer. Her report (even more detailed than his) is 29 pages, which includes the death certificate. Mrs. Hartman's will can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
A tragic waste of life, and the loss of a comic genius. We were instrumental in getting the Hartman's autopsy reports released by the LA County Coroner, and offer them here. Phil Hartman's autopsy report is 24 excruciating detailed pages, and includes the death certificate. Hartman's will can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
Domino Harvey, daughter of actor Lawrence Harvey, was somewhat notable for being one of only a small handful of female bounty hunters. Dead of a drug overdose at the young age of 35, this Los Angeles County Coroner’s report consists of 30 pages, and explains it all.
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and shorter member of the Righteous Brothers, Hatfield died from what was later proven to be a cocaine overdose. Included in this 8-page autopsy report from the Kalamazoo County (MI) Medical Examiner are all the specifics, with the final opinion stating that Hatfield suffered a sudden, unexpected death due to acute cocaine toxicity. 
TED HEALY   $15.00
Every once in a while we get a request for anything pertaining to the death of Ted Healy, notable as the creator of TED HEALY AND HIS STOOGES, which morphed shortly thereafter into the original THREE STOOGES. Following his 1937 death, an autopsy was eventually performed, and while those records reportedly were lost or destroyed years ago, we offer a copy of the Coroner’s Register, along with a ton (20+ pages) of clippings from Los Angeles newspapers, Variety, etc., from the period, all pertaining to the career and death of Mr. Healy. Death certificate included.
The former model-turned actress died of a Phenobarbital overdose in 1996. Her 18 page autopsy report contains the strange details of her demise, and how she set up her surroundings in preparation for the same. A sad yet oddly interesting report. 
JON-ERIK HEXUM     $15.00
The story goes that Jon Erik Hexum was known to enjoy fooling around with prop hand guns on the set of his short-lived (as was unfortunately Hexum himself) TV series COVER UP. Sadly, he apparently never understood how powerful a "blank" charge can be, when he held the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Interestingly, he was an organ donor, and many of those organs, as well as much of his skin, were harvested for the benefit of others. All this and more is brought to light in this 25 page autopsy report, which also includes Hexum's death certificate. Hexum's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
Holden died from a laceration to his forehead, caused when he struck his head on a nightstand during a bout of heavy drinking. Remaining conscious for half an hour or so after the injury, he never realized he was in peril and should phone for help; had he done so, he would surely have lived. His autopsy report is 26 pages in length, and even includes the dental records used to identify his body, plus the death certificate. Holden's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
There was a collective holding of breath, waiting for the toxicology portion of the doomed diva’s autopsy report to become final, waiting for that other shoe to drop, as it were. And there it was: cocaine... This 42-page report certainly pulls no punches, and is as every bit as graphic as it is descriptive, especially the toxicology segment.
L. RON HUBBARD    $15.00
We loved Hubbard's brand of sci-fi writing, and still have piles of old pulp magazines around to prove it. What to make of him in his later years, after writing DIANETICS, THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH and founding the Church of Scientology, that's a whole different story. Hubbard was steadfastly opposed to the possibility of his body being autopsied (a copy of his Certificate of Religious Belief stating just that is included in this file), so this is the 17-page San Luis Opispo (CA) Sheriff and Coroner's report, sans autopsy. Lots of interesting stuff in this file, which includes Hubbard's death certificate.
No simple autopsy report here…certainly one of the highest-profile post-mortem medical examinations in recent years, with Dr. Conrad Murray’s freedom hanging in the balance. This 51-page report (which also includes the two-page death certificate) is as thorough as we’ve even seen, with several narratives plus outside written opinions by independent doctors as to the nature of Jackson’s sudden demise due to acute Propofol intoxication. You can find Jackson’s last will and testament plus much of his probate file elsewhere in our catalogues. Additionally, you can find the complaint against him in the 1993 sexual battery civil suit.
RICK JAMES     $15.00
James, the ultimate funkmaster, rose to fame in the late 1970s and early '80s with songs like MARY JANE, GIVE IT TO ME BABY, and SUPER FREAK. His hedonistic lifestyle and longtime crack cocaine addiction caused irreparable physical damage (not to mention jail time in Folsom Prison) that eventually contributed to his death at age 56. This 23-page coroner’s autopsy report is highly detailed, outlining James’s drug use, then and now, and how it connected to his death. James' last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
DAVID JANSSEN     $15.00
Janssen, of FUGITIVE fame, died of a massive coronary in 1980. Because he had no doctor or medical history at the time of his death, the LA County Coroner stepped in, and issued this 18-page report, to which we add the death certificate. Janssen's last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
RICHARD JENI     $15.00
Born Richard John Colangelo, Jeni was a frequent visitor on THE TONIGHT SHOW and was ranked 57th on Comedy Central's list of the 100 greatest stand-ups of all time; we're not all that surprised that he was actually on the CC panel that gave him this ranking. His autopsy is 20 pages, including a very thorough investigator's narrative of the scene and victim, touching on his severe clinical depression coupled with bouts of insomnia and psychotic paranoia. Jeni's probate file, including his last will and testament, can be found elsewhere in our catalogues
The coroner who examined Anissa Jones at autopsy stated that she died from one of the most severe drug overdoses (cocaine,PCP, Quaaludes and Seconal...quite a cocktail...) he had ever seen. A sad ending for young Elizabeth "Buffy" Patterson-Davis, the little adopted cutie from the TV sitcom FAMILY AFFAIR; oddly enough, her brother Paul followed her in 1984, also dying of a drug overdose. The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s autopsy and investigative report runs 14 pages. Brian Keith, Buffy’s adoptive uncle, can also be found in our catalogues with his autopsy report as well as his last will and testament.
DAVY JONES   $15.00    
For many of us, a little bit of our youth died along with Davy Jones, “the cute one” from the 60’s pop-rock group The Monkees, the wunder group formed expressly for the television show of the same name. The Martin County, FL, autopsy report we offer is ten pages, and includes toxicology results.
It's sad to think about the incredible blues career that singer Janis Joplin missed out on, after suffering an accidental heroin overdose in 1970. Very detailed report, including anatomical drawings and her death certificate. Joplin overdosed just days after drafting her last will and testament, found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
BRIAN KEITH   $20.00
Another tragic suicide, the talented actor was in failing health (suffering from lung cancer and emphysema when he took his own life in 1997. This 31 page autopsy report, very detailed in all respects, includes the death certificate. Keith's will can be found elsewhere in this catalogue update. 
In addition to his Last Will and Testament, we also now offer a copy the Los Angeles County Coroner's certified autopsy report. This autopsy, which followed RFK's tragic 1968 assassination, has been an on-again, off-again source of controversy in the Kennedy Conspiracy Circle. You will be impressed with the complexity and comprehensiveness of this sixty page report, which also includes the death certificate. Please note that this file cannot be used as part of the Free Wills Deal. 
SAM KINISON     $10.00
The avant-garde comedian died tragically in May of 1992, the victim of a head-on crash in of California's Mojave Desert. Where autopsies of celebrities are generally performed in large cities and with great notoriety, Kinison's was performed by a San Bernardino County (CA) doctor at the mortuary to which his body was taken, with little or no fanfare. The two page autopsy report and single page drug screen report arte accompanied by his death certificate. Kinison's last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
LIBERACE    $10.00
Talk about your basic bureaucratic snafus. After his death in 1987 (without autopsy and attributed originally to cardiac arrest), Liberace's body was released to Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills for burial. Shortly thereafter, the Riverside County (CA) coroner demanded that the remains be returned for autopsy because the original cause of death was not acceptable in that Liberace was known to be HIV positive and that AIDS was actually the cause of death. Shuttled back to Riverside (some hundred miles away) he was autopsied, the cause of death changed, and then shuttled back to Hollywood, just prior to his burial. The narrative in this report is beyond interesting, almost beyond words. Two page death certificate included. Liberace' last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues
In 1969, 20-year-old Diane Linkletter jumped to her death from the kitchen window of her high-rise apartment in West Hollywood, California. Her father, entertainer Art Linkletter, blamed her death on having consumed LSD, though this was never proven. We offer the detailed twenty-one page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy report on this sad suicide.
PAUL LYNDE     $15.00
Mr. Center Square died of a heart attack in 1982. Even though he was known as a hard-partier and heavy drinker, his death (the body apparently was not found for several days) resulted in the Los Angeles County Coroner becoming involved, culminating in this 25-page report. Lynde's death certificate is also included. Lynde's last will and testament plus other related probate documents can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
TIMOTHY McVEIGH     $10.00
Timothy McVeigh, was the American terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Commonly referred to as the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack killed 168 people and injured over 600. Convicted of, and executed for the crime, McVeigh left behind an interesting agreement between himself and the coroner who would handle his remains, requesting a “non invasive” autopsy. You need to read it to believe it… NEW FILE
Probably best-known for his Miller High Life beer ads playing a deliveryman, Wendell Middlebrooks was just hitting his professional stride (BODY OF PROOF, SCRUBS, among others) when he was found unconscious at his home in the San Fernando Valley, and then pronounced dead on arrival at a Los Angeles hospital, aged 36. The autopsy we provide reveals that he suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism, and consists of 22 highly detailed pages. NEW FILE
SAL MINEO     $15.00
Preparing to open the play in Los Angeles in 1976 with Keir Dullea, Mineo returned home from rehearsal the evening of February 12th, 1976 where he was attacked and stabbed to death. This highly detailed autopsy report is 24 pages, to which we add the death certificate. Mineo's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
In addition to Miss Monroe's will, we offer a copy of the Los Angeles Coroner's official report, including the toxicological findings, diagrams, and psychological autopsy information pertaining to her death, all in coroner Thomas Noguchi's own words. A bit on the macabre side perhaps, but intriguing to say the least. Eighteen pages total, including a copy of the Monroe death certificate. Also in our catalogue is the Marilyn Monroe/James Dougherty divorce file from 1946.
Another tragic ending for a pretty young actress. Brittany Murphy (CLUELESS, DON’T SAY A WORD and a handful of others) was only 32 when she departed this mortal coil, a victim of her own drug abuse and carelessness. This 50+ page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy report is incredibly detailed, as you would expect with this sort of death.
RAMON NAVARRO   $15.00  
Novarro was elevated to silent films’ leading male sex symbol in 1926, following the sudden death of Rudolph Valentino. Novarro‘s death in 1968 was the result of a violent extortion attempt by two brothers whom he had hired for sex.  We offer the Los Angeles County Coroner’s detailed 16-page autopsy report, plus Novarro’s death certificate.
The "DC Madam" had the capital quaking in its boots in 2006 when she was busted (by the US Post Office, no less) and then threatening to go public with her client list of fun-seeking politicians. She said she would never serve any prison time, and she was right, committing suicide in 2008. Her autopsy report consists of 13 pages, which includes her 3-page suicide note left for her mother.
Pastorelli, probably best known as the eternal house painter Eldin Bernecky on TV's MURPHY BROWN (but equally good in Kevin Costner's DANCES WITH WOLVES) sadly left this mortal coil at age 49. The Los Angeles County Coroner's narrative states that he had a previous drug problem, but had been clean for the 15 years immediately prior to his drug overdose...he was found slumped over the toilet, a syringe protruding from his right arm. This 20 page file includes the above-mentioned narrative as well as the complete autopsy report.
Payton hit Hollywood in 1948 and quickly became a Universal contract player, impressing the top brass with her great looks, but falling somewhat short in the talent department. After several failed marriages and a badly faltering career, she ended up alcoholic, on the streets, and turning the occasional trick. Attempting one last time to dry out, she died from pulmonary congestion and liver failure in her parent’s home at age 39; her face blotchy, her body bloated, she was completely unrecognizable as the beauty she once was. We offer the 7 page San Diego County Coroner’s autopsy report, along with her death certificate.
Chris Penn was said to be Sean Penn's better-looking younger brother, which actually may have been true in his younger days. Our favorite of Penn's many roles was as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot in Quentin Tarantino's edgy RESERVOIR DOGS, though his film resume lists some 65 film and TV roles. This 22-page autopsy report covers all the bases, going far beyond what chemistry was found in his system and how it related to his death, but also includes an inventory of the drugs and empty medication containers that were found in his Santa Monica condo. Because of his celebrity status, Penn was given an “A” level autopsy, their most thorough.
His Last Will and Testament may be sealed by the Alachua County (FL) Courts, but we are able to supply River Phoenix' Los Angeles County Coroner's Autopsy Report. This is one of the most requested documents over the last year, and we are pleased to be able to accommodate the many folks who wrote in. The file is 20 pages, which includes the Investigator's Case Report, the Order For Release (of remains) and the 2-page death certificate. Documents pertaining to Phoenix's Estate appear elsewhere in our catalogue.
DANA PLATO   $10.00
Dana Plato, that cute little Kimberly Drummond on TV's DIFFERENT STROKES appeared as though she was just getting her life back together, (after numerous busts for narcotics, armed robbery and shoplifting). In May of 1999 she decided to end that young life with a lethal combination of even more drugs.  We offer the Oklahoma Coroner's 10 page report, noting that due to her previous attempts to take her own life, he had no choice but to rule her death a suicide. Both the preliminary and final amended death certificates are included. 
GREG PLITT   $15.00
BRAVO star and fitness guru Greg Plitt did not die from stumbling onto a railroad track as some have speculated ... he was fatally struck by a train (side-swiped, actually) while attempting to outrun it... trying to prove the effectiveness (!?!) of an energy drink. And the final tally:  TRAIN: 1, GREG PLITT: 0. We offer the 29 page Los Angeles County Coroner’s page file. NEW FILE
Freddie Prinze was at the short-lived zenith of his career, when in January of 1977, he ended it with a gun to the head. His detailed autopsy and coroner's report is 25 pages in length, and includes many anatomical drawings. Death certificate is also included. Prinze' last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
GLENN QUINN     $10.00
Irish born Quinn’s career was moving along at a reasonable clip (we enjoyed his character Doyle, the half-demon on ANGEL) until his recurring cocaine and heroine habit (with several attempts at rehab) got him fired. According to this 14-page L.A. County Coroner’s autopsy report, Quinn had been living a transient lifestyle when he accidentally overdosed on heroine at a friend’s house. 
GEORGE REEVES     $20.00
Reeves' career was on the wane when he committed suicide in 1959. There has since been speculation about the possibility that he was murdered due to his involvement with Toni Mannix, the wife of MGM heavy weight Eddie Mannix. We offer the 45 page LA County Coroner's autopsy report, which contains more than a few surprises along the way. Death certificate also included. You can find Reeves' last will and testament elsewhere in our catalogues. 
BRAD RENFRO     $15.00
Renfro was discovered at the age of 10 and was immediately cast in his first major motion picture, THE CLIENT; he also claimed "The Hollywood Reporter's Young Star Award.” Becoming one of Hollywood's most wanted young actors, and working with Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman and Brad Pitt, Renfro forfeited his young life to an accidental heroin overdose. We offer his 17 page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy report.
GAIL RUSSELL     $10.00
The doe-eyed beauty and leading lady died alone in her apartment of acute alcoholism, surrounded by empty liquor bottles. She was a mere 36 years of age. The 12 page Los Angeles County Coroner's autopsy report is at best sad, graphically illustrating how her heavy drinking finally ended her unhappy, short life. 
DEL SHANNON     $15.00
“It was a beautiful day, me and Del was singin’ Little Runaway…” Tom Petty’s homage to rock and roll singer-songwriter Del Shannon always gets to us, just a little bit. We offer the 16 page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy file that resulted from Del’s sad 1990 suicide, as well as the death certificate. Del's probate file (including his last will & testament) can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
ELIZABETH SHORT (The Black Dahlia)      $15.00
In January 1947, 22 year-old Elizabeth Short's naked body was discovered in a vacant lot near in downtown Los Angeles by a mother and her young child. The body had been surgically bisected (severed in half at the waist), drained of blood then washed, horribly mutilated, and posed. According the Los Angeles County Coroner, Short's original autopsy report disappeared years ago, possibly part of the suspected police department cover-up. We have, however, been able to unearth a copy of the 17-page Coroner's Inquest, held five days after her death. Short's death certificate is also included.
The Los Angeles County Coroner has the actual Brown-Simpson autopsy file on "SECURITY HOLD " which at this point in time means that the file is essentially sealed. Since we had access to much of the testimony in the Simpson criminal trial, we therefore had access to the text of the autopsy report (8 pages) which we offer here, down to it's last detail. Copy of the death certificate also included. Due to a multitude of requests, we have added the RON GOLDMAN autopsy report to this package as well. See the OJ Simpson Catalogue for some dynamite documents from the Brown-Goldman v. Simpson civil trial. Brown-Simpson's last will & testament (which was until recently sealed by the courts) can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
The Broward County Medical Examiner had his hands full with this one. Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy report is a mere 8 pages in length, but to this we have added the exhaustive 40-page Investigative Report which covers each and every aspect of the days preceding her death, her death itself, and the aftermath that we collectively watched in near-horror and weird delight. Anna Nicole’s will and related probate documents can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.  Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
Stompanato was a bodyguard and enforcer for gangster Mickey Cohen. In 1958, after a tumultuous relationship with actress Lana Turner, he was stabbed and killed by Turner's teenage daughter, Cheryl Crane. This 77-page file includes the 7 page autopsy, but more fascinating is the 69-page Coroner’s Inquest wherein a jury has to decide if Stompanato’s death was an accident or homicide. Very heady stuff for 1958. Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
Playboy Playmate of Year in 1980, Stratten (given name Hoogstratten) was murdered by husband, Paul Snider, who then turned the gun on himself. Her 22 page autopsy report is, as one would expect, very detailed, and includes some rather gruesome observations by the coroner. Also included is a copy of her death certificate, as well as that of Snider. Stratten's probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. 
Carl Switzer made his mark in 1935 in producer Hal Roach’s OUR GANG short subjects series as Alfalfa, one of the series' most popular and best-remembered characters. Switzer’s adult life was one of turmoil, eventually leading to his death by a gunshot during a drunken rage. This fifty three page file includes the 9 page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy report plus the fascinating 44-page Coroner’s inquest into Switzer’s death.   Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.
SHARON TATE   $15.00
Miss Tate (the wife of director Roman Polanski) died a horrible death at the hands of the "Manson Family" in August 1969. This 25 page report (again, very graphic and detailed) includes the 2-page death certificate. Miss Tate's probate file can be found in our main catalogue. 
We have been fielding requests for years to add the Manson victims as a group to our catalogue...and with the help of our good friends at findadeath.com(a link to which you can find on our links page) we are able to accommodate you. In this 200+ page file are the Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy findings for Sharon Tate, Voityck Frokowski, Steven Parent, Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring, Shorty Shea, Leno & Rosemary LaBianca, and Gary Hinman. Most include death certificates. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only source where can acquire copies of these documents all in one place.   Please note that due to its sheer size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies. 
Celebrities come and go at what appears to be an alarming pace, but losing this one really got to us. Hunter S. Thompson's self-styled brand of "gonzo journalism" left its mark from its very inception, and the world is a sadder place without HST in it; if you haven't read any of his wonderful books or his early articles in ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE, you've really missed out. This 10-page file starts with the 6-page police report which contains a complete narrative of the suicide scene, and to this we add the 4-page autopsy report.

The Ice Cream Blonde died in 1935 of carbon monoxide poisoning...or did she...? With a Grand Jury split as to whether she committed suicide or was murdered. This very thorough Coroner’s Inquest, which followed the autopsy itself, contains 125 pages of facts, personal information about Miss Todd and how she spent her last day, what the crime scene entailed, as well as questions directed to anyone who had a close relationship her. I personally found it to be a fascinating read, offering a tremendous amount of insight into the star, and her back-story. 
 Thelma Todd's probate file, including her last will & testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.  Please note that due to its size, this item cannot be used as a free document with our free wills deal. Our apologies.

IKE TURNER  $15.00
 The not-so gentle half of the famous duo Ike & Tina Turner, who, along with then-wife Tina, turned out some of the most outrageous blues, soul, and rock, performances ever. Still hitting the pipe at age 76, it was revealed at autopsy that Turner died of a crack cocaine overdose, complicated by hypertension and emphysema. His autopsy report is 14 pages, with an interesting Investigative Narrative by the San Diego County Medical Examiners Office. Turner’s probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
VAMPIRA   $10.00
 The original glamour ghoul of late night 50s TV, was actually Maila Nurmi, a young actress discovered by director Hawks. These days she is probably best remembered for her part in Ed Wood’s infamous PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE with Bela Lugosi, as well as her famous lawsuit against Cassandra Petersen, accusing her of high-jacking  the Vampira persona and using it as her Elvira character. We offer her 12 page Los Angeles County Coroner’s autopsy report.
Of the early Playboy Playmates (Miss July 1959, photographed by none other than Russ Meyer), Yvette Vickers was seriously one of the hottest, a true beauty, in or out of clothing, and she wasn't even all that nude in the magazine... Because all of her expenses (rent, utilities, taxes, etc.,) were paid automatically from her checking account each month, it took a year before she was found dead at age 82, in all respects a mummy. Even a space heater had been plugging along for a year, adding to the decomposition. What we offer is the 15 page Los Angeles County Coroner's autopsy, detailed to the last. NEW FILE
PAUL WALKER     $15.00
The 15 page Los Angeles County Coroner's autopsy report is no less than you expect, detailed down to the last. As an extra added bonus, we have also included the CHP accident report (9 pages) plus THE Roger Rodas (driver of the Porsche Carrera GT) autopsy file (20 pages). Walker's last will and testament (plus related documents) can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. NEW FILE
JACK WEBB   $15.00
What an odd way to go. You get up, get yourself a drink, come back to bed. And die. Just like that, your successful and celebrated sixty-two year run on this planet comes to an abrupt end. Webb, best known for producing and sometimes even directing the DRAGNET series, suffered such a sudden and unexpected death that it kicked the wheels at the Los Angeles County Coroner into motion, with this 18-page report as its result. Death certificate is also included. Webb's last will and testament and related documents can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
A sad day for all of us when Robin Williams, fighting overwhelming depression and oncoming Parkinson’s disease, opted to take his own life to bring an end his suffering. In this 34 page file we offer the autopsy protocol, the coroner’s investigative report (with the expected redactions), surgical pathology report, and the toxicology report. Robin William's divorce from Marsha Garces and his 1996 Trust (also with Garces) can be found elsewhere in our catalogues. NEW FILE
Dennis Wilson, he of Beach Boy fame (and a passing acquaintance of Charles Manson, no less), was the victim of a drowning death in December of 1983. We offer the Los Angeles County Coroner’s 20-page report, along with the 2 page death certificate.  Wilson's fascinating probate file including his will, can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
Another sad but unbelievably detailed 29 page document (and includes her death certificate), Wood's autopsy was performed by none other than "The Coroner To The Stars" Dr. Thomas Noguchi (suggested reading: CORONER, the Noguchi autobiography). We have had numerous requests for this document, which supplements Miss Wood's Last Will and Testament, found elsewhere in our catalogues.
TAMMY WYNETTE     $10.00
Famed country singer Wynette would die all over again if she knew what her heirs had in store for her after her demise. After considerable squabbling and accusations that their mother might have been given lethal quantities of narcotics, her 3 daughters requested that she be exhumed and autopsied, nearly a year after her demise. All this and more are brought to light in this very different13-page report.