Famous Female Hollywood Stars

Gracie Allen  thru Kathleen Freeman

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We spent some real time looking for this one. Gracie's 15 page will from 1957 is very precise in its purpose and wording. Also included are a 2 page Petition for Probate (with George Burns' signature), 2 pages of letters, 2 pages of funeral info and 3 pages of Inventory and Appraisement. Death certificate included. 
Along with sisters Patti and Maxene, LaVerne Andrews created the "girl band" concept and some of the greatest music of the forties. Miss Andrews left behind a 5 page will to which we have added 15 pages consisting of claims, evaluations of the estate, petitions, and more. 
EVE ARDEN   $10.00
Arden, probably best known for her OUR MISS BROOKS character, as well as countless film roles in the 40's left a very precise 17 page will; also included are a 2 page Petition for Probate, a 2 page Notice of Petition for Probate and a copy of the death certificate. 
Ms. Arzner directed her first film in 1927 and was the first woman to join the newly formed Directors' Guild of America. Her status as one of the first women directors, and the only one at the time working within the Hollywood studio system, has recently attracted feminist attention. Side note: after her retirement, she filmed numerous Pepsi Cola commercials at Joan Crawford's request. Her simple will is a mere 3 pages, but we add 30-plus pages of the inventory and valuation of her estate, plus the Petition for Probate. 
Miss Ball left an 18 page will and a single page of testamentary. Also included in this package is a copy of her death certificate. We have added the Arnaz-Ball divorce file, under Odds & Ends: Divorces. 
THEDA BARA   $15.00
The first Cleopatra (1917), and a classic beauty of a bygone age. Four page will, with Petition for Probate, Letters, and the Order Admitting the Will. First & Final Accounting, plus the Order Settling the Accounting, and a contract with Columbia Pictures regarding developing a bio-pic on Miss Bara. Thirty six pages in total. 
ANNE BAXTER   $15.00
Truly one of the beautiful women in film, Miss Baxter left a 16 page last will & testament, to which we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate and the 2 page Inventory and Appraisement. 
BEA BENADERET     $10.00
Bea Benaderet had a remarkable career in radio and television, providing the voices for hundreds of characters on radio on shows like FIBBER McGEE and MOLLY,  MY FAVORITE HUSBAND, THE JACK BENNY SHOW, and later, notably Betty Rubble on THE FLINTSTONES. We offer her 10 page will plus a very thorough 8 page Inventory and Appraisement of her estate. Death certificate also included. 
One of the screen's eternal beauties, there could never be another like her. Her will is interesting in that what was filed with the British Probate Office was a 2 page translation (from the French) of her hand written 1975 will, as well as a 2 page handwritten document (in English) from 1981 outlining her last wishes. The latter document contains her signature. British Grant for Probate included. 
A real beauty and a stellar character actress in her day, Miss Blondell's rather sad 2 page hand-written will is supplemented by 12 pages of creditors claims, the 2 page Petition For Probate, single page Letters and a telling 5 page Inventory and Appraisement. 
Miss Bondi's will is a simple 3 pages, with a 2 page Petition for Probate. Included in this package are 9 interesting pages of Inventory and Appraisals. 
CLARA BOW   $10.00
Miss Bow, the "IT GIRL" of the jazz age, worked in both silent films and the talkies, and left behind a 2 page will and a 2 page codicil. Included are a single page order admitting the will, and 4 pages of personal property receipts. 
FANNY BRICE   $15.00 
Another of our favorite files, and another customer challenge. Miss Brice, the vaudeville legend and star of the Ziegfield Follies left a fascinating 11 page will plus a 2 page codicil. To this we have added the 2 page Petition for Probate, 4 pages of Claims for last illness, 8 pages of Claims for funeral expense, and 12 pages of Inventory and Appraisement of her estate. Death Certificate included. 
JUDY CANOVA   $15.00
This "B" movie funny lady left a two page hand-written will, to which we have added the court's 2 page typewritten transcript. Also included the single page inventory and Appraisement, 3 pages of Claims for funeral expense, and an interesting seven page claim by her housekeeper. Another customer challenge. 
Kitty Carlisle was an  actress, opera singer, Broadway performer, TV celebrity, game show panelist, patron of the arts, and, at age 95, star of her own one-woman show, KITTY CARLISLE HART: AN AMERICA ICON. Included in this 35-page file is her 15 page will plus codicil, as well as the death certificate.
The incredible Miss Colbert, deliciously enticing in 1934's CLEOPATRA, found her greatest triumph (and an Academy Award) playing the runaway heiress opposite Clark Gable in Frank Capra's comedy IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT. In this 22 page package we offer her 12 page will, drafted in 1991, as well as the Petition for Probate and several affidavits.
Another great find, and possibly one of our best packages, which includes the famed actresses' 15 page will with its distinctive clause that Christina and Christopher Crawford be left completely out of her vast estate. Additionally, we include an 11 page document pertaining to the petition filed on behalf of Christopher and Christina Crawford to have the will thrown out of probate, all of which gave rise to Christina's book, ( later a movie) MOMMIE DEAREST. This is a fascinating file! 
BETTE DAVIS   $10.00
Miss Davis left a 10 page will plus New York State certifications. Though her will was sealed in New York, we were able to acquire access to the estate files in California. Guess who got the cook books. 
SANDRA DEE   $15.00
The cute little blond will forever be remembered as the original GIDGET, a role she took on at the tender age of seventeen. Married to Bobby Darin (whose last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues) at age 18, her career had pretty much run its course by the time she was 26. This 15 page file includes her will, the Petition for Probate, the Notice of Petition plus the Notice of Publication.
DOLORES DEL RIO     $20.00 
As the first Mexican movie star with international appeal (and cousin to Ramon Navarro), Miss del Rio was praised as the female Rudolph Valentino and enjoyed an extraordinary career in 1920s Hollywood, until the talkies arrived in 1928. She returned to Mexico in 1942, her Hollywood career over, only to gain new stardom in the Mexican cinema. In this 50-page file we include the certified translation of her Mexican will, petitions, declarations, and the Inventory and Appraisement of her estate. 
We've had numerous customer requests for this file. The Academy Award winning Miss Dennis left no will, and her estate was in a bit of a shambles, judging by the 16 pages of documents we offer, including the inventory of the estate, plus the claims against the same. 
DIANA DORS   $10.00
Dors was promoted as The English Marilyn Monroe. She had the blonde hair and the delicious curves but in fact she began her career long before Marilyn and, in our opinion, was a much better actress to boot. Why, at one time she was even married to that obnoxious yet cute Dickie Dawson, made oddly famous by his hosting THE FAMILY FEUD. Miss Dors’ last will and testament is 9 pages in length, to which we add the British Probate Registry’s official coversheet, as well as her death certificate.
Dominique Dunne (POLTERGEIST),  sister of actor Griffin Dunne and daughter of novelist Dominick Dunne, was truly just beginning her film career when she was strangled by a jealous boyfriend in 1982. Like most 22 year olds, she had not drafted a will, so we offer 31 pages of informative documents from her probate file, including: Inventory and appraisements of the estate, receipts signed by father Dominick Dunne, the handwritten notes of her neurologist pertaining to her vegetative condition after the attack, but before her death. Creditor's claims (showing funeral expense) was well as her  death certificate also included. 
The versatile stage and screen actress, whose career went from Mack Sennett comedies with Charlie Chaplin (TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE), leading her to a 1931 Oscar-winning performance opposite Wallace Beery in MIN AND BILL. This file, from 1934, includes a 6-page will, 7 pages outlining the value of her estate, and 6 pages showing the funeral expense. 
DALE EVANS   $10.00
The leading lady of musical westerns of the 1940’s, and Roy Rogers’ devoted wife of 51 years until his death in 1998. Ms. Evans’ will was never probated, but was put in safe keeping with the San Bernardino County (CA) Superior Court (the court building where we did our research is right across the street from where the Roy Rogers Museum once stood, prior to it relocation to Branson, MO); she never redrafted her 6 page will after Roy’s death. Roy Rogers' last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
Farrah Fawcett’s estate has not as yet been filed for any sort of probate action. However, The suit that the University of Texas filed against Ryan O’Neal regarding an Andy Warhol print that Farrah left to the UT (O’Neal claiming it was a gift to him) caused her extensive trust to be filed as evidence in the civil action. This 59-page file consists of Fawcett’s third amendment and complete restatement of her 2007 trust, with many generous sub-trusts and outright bequests established therein.
ALICE FAYE   $10.00
A real beauty in her day, and married to bandleader Phil Harris until his death a couple of years ago. Miss Faye's will (deposited for safekeeping with the Riverside County (CA) Courts, but not filed for probate) was drafted after Harris' death and wherein she refers to herself as "a widow." The will, which consists of 5 pages is interesting in that she intentionally omits any provision for Phil Harris, Jr., without explanation.
MARY FRANN     $10.00
Ms. Frann, probably best known as Joanna Loudon on the NEWHART television series (and a local weather girl in her early days) died of heart failure at age 55.  She left no will, so we offer 13 pages, including the Petition For Probate, Order For Probate, Notice of Petition to Administer Estate, Letters, and a cursory Inventory and Appraisement of her estate. 
Another of our favorite actresses, probably best known for her rough-edged and mouthy character portrayals. Our favorites: the maid in the 50's sitcom TOPPER, and her wonderful turn as "The Penguin" in THE BLUES BROTHERS. This 16 page file includes her will, the published death notice, Petition and Order for Probate, and Letters of Administration.