High- Profile Divorce Files

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She wanted to get divorced in Maine. He wanted to get divorced in California.. Some people just can't agree on anything.  This very detailed forty five page file will spell it all out for you, the assets, the custody of the two children, who gets legal jurisdiction, and more. We even include hand written notes from Kirstie that were faxed to Parker regarding a negotiation for the children traveling with her to a film shoot.
The dream couple were wed in July of 2000, but by March of 2005, the union had unraveled, much to the dismay of those on 24-hour Brad and Jen Baby Watch. This twenty-page file includes the Petition for Divorce (brought by Aniston), the Summons, the Stipulation for the Appointment of a Temporary Judge (something we just hate, as it keeps the more interesting parts of the proceeding under wraps) and the final Judgment and Notice of Entry of Judgment.
Christina Applegate was one of the chief reasons that we watched MARRIED WITH CHILDREN during its ten year run; cute and talented, a very nice combo. What we offer in this 31+ page file are the documents pertaining to Ms. Applegate’s divorce from actor/writer/director Jonathon Schaech, beginning with the Petition and ending with the lengthy and very detailed Stipulated Judgment.
And we add yet another Barrymore to our archive. Seemingly doomed from the outset, Barrymore and Green tied the knot (it almost happened on Saturday Night Live...) in July of 2001, and filed for divorce a mere five months later.  This FIFTY page file explains it all, how Tom  sued Drew for divorce, how Drew tried to identify and protect her pre-nup assets and tons more. 
Cute little Valerie Bertinelli and hard-core rocker Eddie Van Halen were an unlikely pairing from the get-go, yet their marriage (not always solid, but still...) lasted for more than twenty years. This 30-page divorce file is fairly nuts-and-bolts in nature, but is nevertheless informative about the relationship between these two, and son Wolfgang.
SONNY & CHER BONO   $15.00 
What with the untimely demise of now (...uh...then) politician Bono, great interest is being generated in both his autopsy report and his will, but also in the 1974 divorce proceedings between he and his "Babe" Cher. We offer more than 40 pages of GREAT petitions, declarations (lotsa "he said, she said") the proposed marital agreement, and finally, what to do with Chastity. How did these people ever survive these things? Bono's Probate file can be found elsewhere in our catalogue. 
MADONNA (Ciccione) - SEAN PENN   $15.00
The complete 20 page file from their 1989 California Divorce, including the petition, appearance and waivers, the judgment ending the marriage and finally the complete marital settlement agreement. 
Another customer request led us to this file of a Hollywood divorce that saddened a nation back in 1960, when the grounds for such action were more often then not "Extreme Cruelty", as was the case here. Included in this file are the Complaint for Divorce (4 pages), Certificate of Assignment, and a very telling and complete 44 page Property Settlement Agreement. Miss Ball's will and Mr. Arnaz' will can both be found in our catalogues.
Certainly one of the most publicized (and funniest, after reading this 50-plus page file) divorces of our time. Included are petitions, claims, counter-claims, affidavits from witnesses and plenty of "he-said, she-said", all documented in this Los Angeles Superior Court file, and worth every penny. Please note that because of it's size, this file cannot be used with the Free Wills deal. Our apologies. 
And another one bites the dust. This 34-page file begins with the Petition (this week's episode: Kim Basinger as the Petitioner, and a special guest appearance by Alec Baldwin as the poor Respondent) and wraps up with the Judgment ending their seven year marriage. 
Lorraine Bracco (most recently Tony’s shrink in THE SOPRANOS) and Edward James Olmos (loved him on stage in ZOOT SUIT) were married in 1994 and divorced in 2002. Her previous marriage to Harvey Keitel also ended in a divorce so costly that she was forced to file bankruptcy. This 24 page file begins with Olmos’ petition to divorce Bracco, and concludes with the judgment that ended the marriage.
Nicholas Cage proposed to Patricia Arquette on the day he met her way back in the early 80s. Being a reasonable girl, Arquette thought he was perhaps a bit strange (just look at the family he comes from) but played along with his antics by creating a list of things Cage would have to fulfill to win her. Bottom line: Several years after that they eventually married, and five years after that she wanted him gone, filing divorce papers that got the whole thing filed and finalized on the same day. Talk about good customer service. The entire file is 22 pages in length and explains everything.
It's a well-known fact that Nick Cage is the consummate collector, especially when it comes to Elvis memorabilia. Personally, we cannot think of a better way to round out this fine Elvis collection than by adding the King's daughter herself. Cage and Presley married in August of 2002, and separated just three months later. Included in this 24 page file are the Divorce Petition (brought by Nicholas Cage), the Summons, Declaration for Default, as well as the Final Judgment. Mentioned in the Judgment (but not included) is a "Stipulated Further Judgment" that the two signed, but were not required to file with the Court, thus we have no access to it. In the unlikely that one of the parties breaches this Stipulation and the other sues, only then will it be made public.
Last time we looked, the file for this rather messy divorce proceeding was in the neighborhood of 2000 pages, and still growing. We offer an abridged version of nearly 100 pages, which contains the pertinent initial filings, petitions, declarations, stipulations and notices. Please note that because of it's size, this file cannot be used with the Free Wills deal. Our apologies.
The way we figure it, Jim Carrey divorced his first wife, Melissa (see the file offered above) to marry Lauren Holly (infinitely cute in DUMB AND DUMBER) only to have that union dissolve after just nine months. At least Ms. Holly didn't take poor Jim to the cleaners the way his first wife did. This 17 page file includes all the usual stuff, with a bunch of good signatures.
This file, 100 pages in length, is from Charlie Chaplin's 1926 divorce from Leta Gray .  Included are the original complaint (detailed beyond anything that you would expect, giving incredible insight into the sad lives of Chaplin and his child bride), the Interlocutory Judgment,  the Final Judgment, and a modification to the divorce decree. Chaplin's and Gray's signatures are scatted throughout these fascinating documents. Please note that due to its sheer size, this document cannot be used with our free wills deal. Our apologies. 
JOHN CLEESE     $25.00
John (MONTY PYTHON) Cleese’s divorce from his third wife, psychotherapist Alyce Faye Eichelberger has been anything but pleasant, with Cleese having to shell out nearly 8 million in cash and assets to meet her demands. This a great file, over 60 pages, has all the usual filings plus income and expense declarations for both, filings regarding inventories of fine wine, fine art, and pricey real estate, ending with a very detailed stipulated judgment for dissolution. Cleese's MONTY PYTHON writing partner Graham Chapman's last will and testament can be found eleswhere in our catalogues.  NEW FILE
Back before he became a famous celebrity with his portrayal of the sexy Dr. Doug Ross on TV’s ER (but after his memorable appearance in RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES in 1988), George Clooney was married to, then divorced from, actress Talia Balsam (the daughter of Martin Balsam and Joyce Van Patten). The 40-page file we offer begins with Clooney’s Petition for Dissolution, Balsam’s Response, winds its way through the highly-detailed 31-page settlement agreement, and ends with the Judgment, wrapping up their three year marriage. George's Aunt Rosemary (Clooney)'s last will & testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues, as can Martin Balsam's.
Sofia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola and cousin to Nicolas Cage) and ex-husband Spike Jonze (given name Adam Spiegel) both received Oscar nominations for Best Director, the first married couple to do so. We offer their complete 26 page divorce file which includes the petition, summons, declarations, and the final judgment ending the marriage. Mentioned in the Judgment (but not included) is a "Stipulated Further Judgment" that the two signed, but were not required to file with the Court, thus we have no access to it. In the unlikely even that one of the parties breaches this Stipulation and the other sues, only then will it be made public.
In what appears to be a civil and somewhat sanitized proceeding, the Costner's ended their 16 year marriage. Included in this 22 page file are the Petition for Divorce, Summons, Appearance Stipulation & Waivers, various declarations, the Judgment and Notice of Entry for Divorce. An interesting file.
Another seemingly "perfect" Hollywood marriage down the loo. We won't go into the details here, as they had been media fodder for months after the story broke. Suffice it to say, this twenty five page file (miniscule, as compared to Jim Carrey's multi-foldered first divorce case) covers the bases on everything that you may have read about. 
ROBERT DOWNEY, JR.      $15.00
Originally filed in 2001 by Downey's wife Deborah Falconer, this divorce proceeding was left to linger until 2004 when Downey was preparing to take a new wife. This 30 page file includes everything, beginning with the original petition and ending with the judgment.
ANNA FARIS - DIVORCE      $15.00
The SCARY MOVIE franchise really put this gal on the map, and deservedly so; in the right vehicle, she can be comedy gold. This 40+ page file deals with the dissolution of Faris’ marriage to Benjamin Indra, starting with the Petition and ending with the very lengthy and very detailed Stipulated Judgment specifying exactly who gets what, and how much. 
After ten years of wedded bliss, Jane Fonda decided to call it quits, divorcing "Terrible" Ted Turner (The "Terrible" being a handle that was hung on him during his sailing days and The Americas' Cup races). Plain and simple, cut and dried, the whole thing took only 9 pages, all of which are offered here. Henry Fonda's last will and testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
Eighteen years after the “I Do’s,” Harrison Ford’s wife Melissa Mathison Ford (a respected screen writer) filed for divorce from the popular action hero. Possibly a reaction to his dalliance with actress Calista Flockhart, you ask? Most likely, though not stated in so many words. This 28-page file includes the Petition, the Stipulation to Appoint a Temporary Judge (thus keeping the proceedings out of open court, and out of the public eye) Declarations, and the Judgment ending the marriage.
Garner, one of television's hottest commodities at present due to her role as Sydney Anne Bristow in ALIAS, ended her four year marriage to fellow actor Scott Foley (SCRUBS) in April of 2004. This 49 page file, which contains all the documents on record with the Los Angeles County Superior Court in this matter, begins with the Petition and Summons and ends with the Judgment of Dissolution. Plenty of signatures throughout the file.
There's truly nothing as unsavory (or delectable, depending on your viewpoint) as the high profile Hollywood divorce, and such was the case with the messy proceedings between Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon. We culled 70-some pages from their monstrous file, which touch on the cruelty complaint, the custody battle, plenty of finger-pointing and more. Cary Grant's Last Will and Testament can be found elsewhere in our catalogues.
We’ve never understood the world’s fascination with actress Kate Hudson, but that’s a discussion for another day. Hudson and Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson were married for 5 years and 7 months according to the Petition Robinson filed to end the marriage. We offer the 20 pages that comprise the contents of their Los Angeles County Superior Court divorce file.
This is one of those great nasty celebrity divorces, with more than enough he-said she-said to satisfy even the most jaded Hollywood onlooker.  This 50 page file pertains to Jackson's divorce from Rene Elizondo (son of actor Hector Elizondo) and includes the petition, responses, the disputed Property Settlement Agreement, interrogatories, and more. 
Two brief marriages, the first to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley (also included in our catalogue), and the second to Debbie Rowe, a union which produced two children, who were left in Jacko's custody after the divorce. If you were to check the Register of Actions at the LA County Superior Court, you would be led to believe that no documents were ever filed, and that no actions ever took place...but nothing could be further from the truth. To keep the whole thing under wraps, the couple was granted permission to hire a retired Judge to oversee their uncontested divorce. If you go to the supposedly "empty" file, you would find 30 pages of filings, all of which we include here. A great new addition to our catalogue! 
"Stunned" would probably best describe peoples' reactions to the Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley union, and "relieved" when it was dissolved some 18 months later. This 21 page file contains Presley's Petition for Dissolution, Jackson's Response, the Judgment, and several other forms, all with signatures.
At certain points in time it was hard to tell where these folk's on again, off-again marriages began and ended. All we know is that this appears to be" Curtains". This 15 page file includes the Petition for Dissolution, Stipulations pertaining to child support, the Judgment - thus ending the marriage, and lastly, the Declaration of Melanie Griffith. Most, if not all, forms bear their signatures. 
Nothing quite says "Love" like sporting a tattoo with your mate's name, much less wearing vials of each other's blood around your necks.  Makes an old-fashioned wedding ring seem so "yesterday." This 30 page document includes the divorce Petition, Summons, Response, Appearances & Waivers, a Declaration by Angelina Jolie, the Judgment and the Notice of Entry thereof. Just for fun we've included a copy of their Clark County, Nevada, Marriage License. 
While doing research in Los Angeles recently, we made the fortuitous discovery that Paula and Stephen Jones chose the Los Angeles County Superior Courts for their unfortunate divorce. Included in this twenty-seven page file are the Petition, Order to Show Cause (OSC), declarations pertaining to child support and custody of the two minor children, and the Income and Expense Statement for Stephen Jones. Most interesting might be the Declaration of Stephen M. Jones, which outlines their life together, and makes numerous mentions of the Jones v. Clinton (as in "Bill") sexual harassment suit. 
"La Lopez" is one of those celebrities about which you will be hearing plenty in the future. This 29 page file pertains to Lopez' second divorce, and includes the petition, summons, confidentiality agreements, and the final judgment granting dissolution. Stay tuned, our office pool says that we will quite possibly be adding yet another J Lo divorce file in the near future, when she finishes with Marc Anthony.
Hard to imagine that shock-rocker Marilyn Manson would ever subscribe to the institution of marriage, much less involve himself in something as pedestrian as a divorce. We offer Manson’s (Brian Warner, by name) divorce from burlesque sweetie and lingerie designer Dita Von Teese (Heather Sweet, aptly named), a file consisting of 37 pages.
After watching Martin and Tennant in LA STORY, and making the assumption that art truly reflects life, you'd think these two would have been together for a lifetime. Obviously such was not the case, or we wouldn't be here having this discussion regarding their 1994 divorce. This informative 36 page file (25 of which is the divorce agreement itself) includes the Petition, Waivers, Judgment and lots of signatures. 
What, no pre-nup? Obviously not exactly the best business decision Paul McCartney ever made. This official 58-page decision, handed down from England’s High Court off Justice, tells it like it is (or was) in regards to the McCartney – Heather Mills marriage and eventual divorce. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll wonder how he ever got involved with Mills to begin with...and you’ll miss Linda McCartney just a little bit more. Please note that due to its size, this document cannot be used with our free wills deal. Our apologies. 
Before she became Marilyn Monroe, she was Norma Jeane Dougherty, and the wife of James Edward Dougherty until their Las Vegas divorce in 1946. We have located the 2-page Complaint (which contains her highly recognizable signature) and 2-page Decree from that divorce, and offer them here, along with a text transcript. A very unique item! Miss Monroe's highly detailed autopsy report can also be found in our catalogues, as can her last will and testament..
 Folks were pretty impressed back in 1993 when the deliriously raw Murphy actually settled down to marry and have five more little Murphys. Fast forward 13 years...the marriage is over, the kids are older, and Eddie’s making whoopee with former Spice Girl Melanie B. This 50-page file starts with the Petition and ends with the Judgment, with just a little bit of everything in between.
Married for ten years, Dennis sued Meg for divorce in 2000 and received a final dissolution the following year.  This 32-page file contains it all, the Petition, the Response, Declarations, Custody matters, property division (Meg was able to keep all her jewelry and have joint custody of son Jack and the family car, a Jeep Cherokee). 
Their MTV reality show NEWLYWEDS: NICK AND JESSICA was (for reasons lost on us) a hit, and the world viewed these two as a celebrity couple with staying power. Thus was obviously not the case, and after three years they mutually scuttled the union. We offer the 45-page court file that begins with Simpson’s petition for divorce, and wrapping up with the Declaration for Uncontested Dissolution.
Considered one of Hollweird's most stable and attractive couples, Romjin and Stamos went their separate ways in 2005 after a little more than six years of marriage. This 18 page file includes the Divorce Petition (brought by John Stamos), the Summons, Responses and Declarations, as well as the Final Judgment. Mentioned in the Judgment (but not included) is a "Stipulated Further Judgment" that the two signed, but were not required to file with the Court, thus we have no access to it. Unless one of the parties breaches this Stipulation and the other sues, it will not see the light of day.
Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kiefer Sutherland’s marriage to Kelly Winn lasted all of two years and nine months, which, on a Hollywood timeline, is actually not all that bed. We offer the 17 page divorce file, from Petition to Judgment.
We lost count years ago...how many does this make for Ms. Taylor? A simple 9 page file containing the Petition for Divorce (with Taylor's signature) to which we have just added an additional 25 pages of "Confidential" Declarations by both parties, motions to seal the file, and updated Income and Expense Declarations. Some great reading to be found in this Expanded File
"Nicky" Hilton was Dame Liz' first (of many) husbands, the marriage ending after a mere 7 months. This was back in the good old days where "Extreme Cruelty"  was the complaint du jour when a celebrity filed for divorce. This file, from The La County Superior Court Archives is ten pages, and includes a copy of the telegram that the Judge in this matter sent to the Registrar in London, advising him that the divorce decree had been "made absolute." 
After nearly eleven years of marriage, the attractive "letter turner" filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court from restaurateur George Santo Pietro, citing irreconcilable differences. White is seeking joint custody of their two children, as is shown in this ten page document which includes the petition and the summons. 
In 1986 Marsha Gardes was working for Robin Williams and then-wife Valerie Velardi as a nanny. By 1989, Williams left that marriage and married Marsha, who became not only his wife, but also his co-producer (MRS. DOUBTFIRE, PATCH ADAMS, among others). This all came to an end when Marsha filed for divorce in 2008. We offer 32 pages from that file, which takes us from the initial filing to the entry of judgment, ending the marriage in 2010. Robin Williams' autopsy file can be found here and his trust documents (again with Marsha Garces) can be found here.
The marriage that looked fairly promising, having lasted just over 7 years, sadly unraveled for actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe in 2006. This 29-page divorce file deals with the nuts-and-bolts of the dissolution, but unfortunately does not contain the final agreed-upon terms of the divorce, which were not required to be filed with the court.
 Were we surprised when they got married after having known each other only four months? Not really...they’re celebs, after all. And were we surprised four months later when they announced that they were going to annul the marriage, due to “fraud” on Chesney’s part? Nope. What we offer is the entire court file for this action, all 21 pages of it, starting with the Petition and wrapping up with the Judgment ending this little fiasco.